Let’s face it, there isn’t enough time to play every video game out there. But how to choose which games are worth your time and hard-earned money?

That’s where Gammicks’ Compare Games feature comes in. Available exclusively at Gammicks.com, our Compare Games feature is a fast and easy way to compare games on a wide variety of factors.

Want to know how many characters are in a game, or how long gameplay time lasts? How about if a game has Easter Eggs and Secret Levels? What if you want to know if a game is free to play or has Multiplayer available?

Gammicks’ user-friendly Compare Games feature tells you all that, and more. Simply input or choose the titles of the two games you wish to compare. Within an instant, you’ll see a list of parameters for each game, from the number of maps and bosses to Open World and Split Screen availability, and more.

For instance, if you like Battle Royal games, you can quickly compare a game like Fortnite to PUBG. You’ll see that PUBG has many more characters but less weapons than Fortnite.

Compare Games