6 Compelling Fan Theories About Upcoming 2020 Games

January 8, 2020

Video games are now the world’s most popular type of entertainment media. Millions of players buy the biggest games and spend hundreds of hours inside their favorite worlds. As more and more games include compelling narratives, gamers develop fan theories to deal with the questions they raise.

2020 is set to be a bumper year in gaming. So it is no surprise there are fan theories about the most anticipated titles of the year. Some fan theories predict events in Cyberpunk 2077 while others explain story elements in upcoming sequels. Whatever the case, here are the most compelling fan theories about upcoming games in 2020.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming in 2020

One interesting fan theory about the Pokémon franchise is that two games will be coming in 2020. The argument suggests that remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will release at some point in the next 12 months. Theorists base this assessment on supposed leaks of merchandise tied to the Generation IV games. Similar toys and material from Generation I came out before the announcement of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Nintendo has already released remakes of the earlier games. Diamond and Pearl are logically the next games that the developers would remaster for modern hardware. At least, that’s the case according to the fan theory.

We might have a better idea if this fan theory is correct after Thursday’s 20-minute Pokémon Direct livestream presentation!

Half-Life: Alyx could change the ending of Half-Life 2: Episode Two

An interesting aspect of the Half-Life: Alyx trailer was the inclusion of a specific line. You can hear Eli Vance saying “Close your eyes, honey.” The character said exactly those words seconds before his death in the earlier game. This fan theory argues that the callback is a specific hint about what could take place in the VR title.

According to the theory, Half-Life: Alyx won’t just be a prequel. Instead, it will feature moments taking place during the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It could even have the potential for the player to change events from that game. One possible implication is that Valve could finally conclude the story with a proper ending. Half-Life: Alyx releases in March 2020.

Nioh 2’s story will be a more personal tale

The first Nioh game featured the final moments of the Sengoku period. As such, it showed many important battles and featured a large-scale narrative about the conflict. Now, a fan theory contends that the exact opposite will be true in the sequel. Instead of being an all-encompassing story, the plot will be a much more personal narrative.

The reasoning behind the argument is that Nioh 2 appears to be set in the Sengoku period of Japanese history. If that is true, it is likely to be a prequel or separate story to the original. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to take place at that point in history. Therefore, the narrative will have to focus on the characters rather than their roles in the wars.

Whatever the case, 13 minutes of Nioh 2 gameplay was recently revealed here. Nioh 2 releases on March 13, 2020.


Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the same universe as The Witcher

A prominent theory about Cyberpunk 2077 is that it is part of the same world as The Witcher. The fan theory has circulated ever since the game was first announced. Part of the evidence for this is that Ciri seems to describe a location similar to Night City. During a conversation in The Witcher 3 she apparently talks about the main area of the upcoming title.

Fans then speculated that this could mean characters from that series could show up in the new game. Although the developer has denied this is the case, it hasn’t stopped this persistent fan theory. Cyberpunk 2077 releases on April 16, 2020.

Minecraft Dungeons debunks a popular fan theory

Ever since Minecraft released in 2011 and became a worldwide phenomenon, there have been countless fan theories about it. One of the most widespread is that Steve and Alex, the two standard characters, are the only two remaining humans.

Many fans contend that they are the survivors of some cataclysmic event. This explains why there are so many monsters, while things such as Endermen could have evolved from former humans.

Yet, Minecraft Dungeons, which will release in April 2020, clearly shows other humans. If the developers consider the game canon, previous fan theories about humans in the in-game world will not make sense.

Cortana is trying to recreate the past in Halo Infinite

Very little is known about the story in Halo Infinite. That hasn’t stopped inquisitive fans from coming up with theories about the upcoming Xbox game, though.

One theory speculates that Cortana is attempting to recreate the past to reunite with Master Chief. The theory contends that the rampant A.I. will simulate events from the original Halo game. By revisiting that adventure, she hopes to sync back up with her former partner.

This could even tie-in with the name of the game, suggesting the infinite part could refer to a never-ending cycle that Cortana instigates. We’ll know for sure when Halo Infinite releases for Holiday 2020.

What are your favorite fan theories for 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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