7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived

October 21, 2019

The latest generation of consoles saw a new trend emerge, that of bringing back long-lost classic titles. In some cases (like Final Fantasy VIII), classic games have been remastered with upgraded graphics for modern hardware. Other times, developers have released sequels that many fans never thought would happen.

The likes of Nintendo and Sony have huge backlogs of titles that they could revive. Many of these games have big followings but have been left on the wayside. With new consoles like the PlayStation 5 set to arrive in 2020, this would be the perfect opportunity to resurrect some lost gems. Here are seven classic games that should be revived.

F-Zero | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks


Debuting in 1990, F-Zero is one of Nintendo’s oldest and most popular franchises. Despite the huge success of the series, the last sequel came out in 2004 with F-Zero Climax. That means it has been 15 years since the last F-Zero game.

Although there is a gluttony of racers available to players, this franchise offers a futuristic setting and style that helps it stand out. The only real competition that F-Zero has would be Sony’s Wipeout. A new F-Zero installment would make sense to compete with the Wipeout remaster that was released in 2017.

TimeSplitters | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks


Although the series never managed to attract a massive audience, TimeSplitters has always had a dedicated cult following. TimeSplitters was a very distinctive FPS, especially when you consider the bizarre game modes and humorous story. The work of Free Radical Design, TimeSplitters was released in 2000, with stylistic visuals and smooth gameplay inspired by games like Perfect Dark.

But the franchise has been dormant since 2005. Fan groups still regularly publish mods, and some are even working on an additional game. This suggests there is still a lot of appetite for shooters without a focus on gritty realism.

Syphon Filter | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks

Syphon Filter

Released in 1999, Syphon Filter was one of the first games to introduce proper stealth elements. This type of gameplay would later go on to become more mainstream in titles like Splinter Cell. In Syphon Filter, players battle against a terrorist organization that is attempting to use a mysterious biological weapon.

There has been a distinct lack of third-person steal titles in recent times. It would make sense for Sony to bring back Syphon Filter as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.


Half-Life | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks


Valve’s Half-Life revolutionized the first-person shooter when it came out in 1998. It not only had excellent gameplay but also a strong narrative that engrossed players. The franchise has sold tens of millions of copies with fans and critics heaping praise on each entry.

This just makes it all the more surprising that there has never been a Half-Life 3 release. Half-Life 2: Episode Two ended with a cliffhanger in 2007 that has never been resolved. Instead, Valve has worked on new properties such as Portal and Dota 2, leaving Half-Life fans frustrated.

Burnout | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks


There is no shortage of racing games in the modern market. Titles such as Dirt, Gran Turismo, Project Cars, and the F1 series prove just that. The only problem is that the majority of these are simulators that concentrate on realism. That’s in stark contrast to arcade racers like Burnout, which put the emphasis on high-speed thrills and explosive crashes.

Burnout was released for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox in the early 2000s and had a number of sequels. The most recent entry was 2011’s downloadable game Burnout Crash! However, plenty of people would still be interested in causing mayhem on the roads with a new Burnout if Criterion Games wanted to return to the series.

Jak and Daxter | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks

Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter was first introduced in 2001. The Naughty Dog game went on to be a big success on the PlayStation platform and spawned a number of sequels. While the Jak and Daxter Collection released in 2017, this was just a remaster of the first few games. The last proper sequel came in 2013, meaning fans have gone more than five years without another installment.

Recent releases like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon show that there is still an audience for 3D platformers. The colorful adventure would certainly add something different to the huge number of ultra-realistic games currently on offer.

Chrono Trigger | 7 Classic Games That Should Be Revived | Gammicks

Chrono Trigger

Many people consider 1995’s Chrono Trigger to be one of the greatest role-playing games ever made. It brought many elements that are now standard in the genre to the mainstream, such as different endings, side-quests, and detailed battle system.

Lauded for its story, gameplay, and musical score, Chrono Trigger spawned a single sequel in Chrono Cross. However, it has since been largely left to gather dust, with only the occasional remaster releasing in the meantime. Square Enix’s other RPG franchises, such as Final Fantasy, have seen their fair share of sequels. So, it would only seem right to bring one of their most successful series back.

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