7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII

October 4, 2019

We’re all excited for the Final Fantasy VII remake. The graphics, the voice acting and the information about additional scenes are all breathtaking. A lot of gamers grew up with the adventures of Cloud Strife. Of all the games in the Final Fantasy series, this one makes the most sense to remake.

But there are plenty of other classic games that would do just as well with some touching up. Here are seven video games that deserve a remake besides Final Fantasy VII.

Suikoden II | 7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII | Gammicks

Suikoden II

Not only is Suikoden II the best of its series, it’s one of the best RPGs of its era. Released in 1998, the story is deep and intricate, shaped largely by the choices you make. Three best friends grow up together and end up shaped by the world in very different ways.

The people you recruit and the stories you choose to explore determine what way you end up shaping the world. It also determines how many of you survive the process. Suikoden II flew under the radar for a lot of ’90s gamers and a facelift could be exactly what it needs to bring it back to the surface.

Final Fantasy VI | 7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII | Gammicks

Final Fantasy VI

Anyone who played the Final Fantasy series before Final Fantasy VII put it on the map agrees that the sixth installment, released in 1994, was one of the best. In a world overrun by the evil Kefka, your team of protagonists come together to change the world. And change it you do, in a very literal way.

Halfway through the game, the world map literally changes, even as the game continues on. A Final Fantasy VI remake would also be an easy sell in a world where we already have several Final Fantasy remakes and remasters on the market.

Nostalgia Gaming: 7 Games That Deserve a Remake | Gammicks

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Easily considered one of the best Star Wars games on the market, Knights of the Old Republic (2003) is still a fantastic game. Story-wise it still stands up. You choose your gender and class of fighter. After your ship crash-lands, you end up tied to a group hunting for the Sith Lord Malak.

Throughout the game, your choices and relationships with others determine how the story unfolds. You can even join the Dark Side. All this game really needs is a solid face lift when it comes to graphics and it’s right back on the market. And with the recent announcement of upcoming movies based on the games, the timing couldn’t be better.

Jade Empire

Another undersold classic of the Xbox era, Jade Empire (2005) takes place in ancient China. You’re a student in a small village that suddenly comes under attack. The character you’ve chosen is launched into a world-saving adventure that you didn’t ask for. The actions you take earn you morality points, a system familiar to modern players of games like Mass Effect.


The familiarity with this system would make it easy to pick up and easy to market. In addition, the game’s focus on real-time fighting would make it appealing to even more players. It integrates both in a way that fans of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer would appreciate, and it wouldn’t require a redo of its existing system to make it happen.

Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon | 7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII | Gammicks

Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon

Back in the day of point-and-click adventure games hitting their peak, Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon (1994) was released. It’s a relatively short game by modern standards, but its unique mix of full-motion video and text helps it survive the test of time.

Tex, a down-on-his-luck detective, is enlisted to help recover a stolen statue. This assignment triggers a series of events that unwittingly has the fate of the world lying in the hands of a rough-around-the-edges gumshoe. With adventure games making a comeback, even just a remaster could do this game a world of good.

Bully | 7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII | Gammicks


Technically, Bully (2006) got a remaster on the Xbox 360 in 2008 called Scholarship Edition, but it wasn’t much of one. What Bully could really use is a full-on remake. Rockstar’s popular game has you entering Bullworth Academy, a school for the wealthy delinquent.

It’s split into several factions, and your challenge is to survive all of them. You can ally yourself with one or many of them while trying to pass classes and live day-to-day. With what video games can accomplish today, a remaster could not only bring on new in-game challenges, it could offer advanced customization as well.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind | 7 Games That Deserve a Remake Besides Final Fantasy VII | Gammicks

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a household name when it comes to gaming. But the earlier Elder Scrolls game Morrowind, released in 2002, is every bit as good. Story-wise, it might even be superior. Much of the lore that makes up the Elder Scrolls series can be found and explained here.

Vvardenfell, the setting for the game, is arguably the most interesting and least high fantasy world in the entire series. Where the game loses points is in its graphics and its lack of voice acting. Morrowind can suffer from “wall of text” syndrome, something a remake could easily fix.

What games do you think deserve a remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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