8 Gaming Accessories Every Player Should Have

March 26, 2020

Video games are unique in that they require special hardware to play them. Whether it is a controller or a headset, there are all types of peripherals available for players. As technology has advanced and video games have become more competitive, extra accessories have been released. Some are meant to give players an edge, while others are just there to make gaming more comfortable. Whatever the case, here are eight must-have gaming accessories that every gamer should own.

Plug and Play Kits

As controllers have moved to be wireless rather than wired, it has introduced the problem of powering them. Without cables connecting them to a console, they need their own energy source. The most frequent solution is for people to simply use standard batteries. Yet, this can quickly get expensive if you game regularly.

Fortunately, there are some accessories that can help out in this area. Plug and play kits are available for all types of controllers, from Nintendo Switch to Xbox One. They switch out standard batteries for rechargeable ones that can be charged up using a USB cable. 

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are large accessories that are designed primarily to increase comfort while playing video games. Generally, they are padded chairs that can recline and offer lots of support for the back. Many will also include extra features such as charging ports, in-built speakers, and cup holders. For those planning a marathon gaming session, being comfortable is essential. Gaming chairs can provide that and ensure everything you need is stored in one place. 

Surround Sound Headphones

Even though graphics are what most games are judged on, sound can be just as important. Developers put a ton of resources into creating amazing soundtracks and quality sound effects. However, experiencing them through a standard television can often mean you don’t get the full effect.

That’s why a large number of companies manufacture high-end headphones made especially for gaming. Such accessories give you full surround sound, block out distractions, and let you hear everything going on in the game. They also often incorporate microphones as well so you can communicate with your friends.


Xbox Elite Controller

Although every console on the market has sleek and completely usable standard controllers, there are better alternatives available. Perhaps the very best is the Xbox Elite Controller. It comes with higher quality pieces that can all be switched out and customized for your preference. There are also rubberized grips, extra buttons and flippers, as well as support for PC gaming. Most important, though, is the fact that the controller is fully programmable. Using an intuitive app, users can tweak every aspect of the gamepad to their liking. 

Headset Holder

There’s nothing worse than a clutter of wires that take up all the space in your gaming setup. Not only does it just look plain untidy, but it also makes switching equipment much more confusing. Thankfully, there are some solutions. One important piece of equipment is a headset holder. These help declutter a desk and provide an elegant storage solution for a headset when it is not in use. Of course, it has the added benefit of ensuring that your headsets don’t get tangled or damaged. 

Portable Hard Drive

Nowadays, practically every platform requires you to download and install games directly to a hard drive. While this was never a problem in the past, it means that players need plenty of storage for their titles. That’s why consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come with such big hard drives. Otherwise, you’d only be able to install a few games at a time.

Portable hard drives are therefore useful for providing some extra space so you can have more games ready to play. However, they also mean you can take your games with you. By plugging in the portable hard drive, you can use your titles on other consoles without having to redownload them.

Air Canister

An air canister might seem like a strange choice as a gaming gadget. Yet, it can prove an indispensable tool for many players. Consoles and PCs are very susceptible to becoming clogged with dust. They are also typically tucked away under desks or in units, meaning they might not get cleaned often enough. Other accessories can also accumulate dirt and dust, which can be difficult to clean thoroughly. Air canisters prove invaluable for this. They are a great way to blow out dust from fans and off peripherals safely without the risk of damage.

Gaming Glasses

One of the main problems with looking at screens all day is that they emit a large amount of blue light. This can not only cause eye strain but make it harder to go to sleep at night. It is even more of a problem nowadays with people often having to use smartphones and computers while at work. To help combat the issue, some companies have released gaming glasses. They provide effective protection from blue light, helping to reduce eye strain and allow for better sleep. Some even claim to be able to give you a competitive advantage in fast-paced games such as first-person shooters.

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