All the Best Video Game Sales for May 2020

May 5, 2020

Spring is traditionally one of the best times to get some great video game deals. Getting a good deal is also more important than ever this year. The COVID-19 pandemic means many people have less disposable income but also need activities to do indoors. So gaming sales are an ideal way to save some money and keep your household occupied over the coming weeks.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of deals available right now. Whether it is online retailers such as Amazon, digital storefronts, or even console shops, there is something for everybody. The likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are even offering discounts on titles directly through their online stores. Be sure to check out the May 2020 video game sales below to get the very best deal you can.

Amazon Video Game Deals

Amazon is pretty much the first port of call that many people use to price up hardware and video games. Even when they don’t have sales on, the outlet is usually competitively priced. However, they have a collection of great gaming deals at the moment. These range from the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, which is now just $84.99, to a huge selection of games. They also have some sales on codes for digital store credit and subscriptions for services such as Game Pass Ultimate.

Steam Specials

Although Steam was once known for its big Spring Sales, in recent years they have not had big events. That doesn’t mean that players can’t get their hands on some great deals though. The online store has a selection of titles on sale all the time. Simply head over to the Specials page on the Steam site to check out the latest offers. Some of the current deals include up to 75% off Assassin’s Creed games and Borderlands 3 for half price. 

PlayStation’s Big in Japan Sale

Sony has launched the Big in Japan sale several times over the last few months. At the end of April, they brought back the sale once again. As you might have guessed from the name, it includes a variety of games specifically from Japan. All of them are available to download directly from the store onto your PlayStation 4. Titles such as Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, and Yakuza Remastered Collection are available. Most of the discounts range from 50% to 85%, meaning there are some great deals to find.


Sony’s Under $20 Store Sale

Another sale that Sony is running on the PlayStation Store is an under $20 event. Every game featured costs less than $20. Moreover, they include some big hitters, allowing you to grab some of the best recent games very cheaply. For example, Assassin’s Creed: Origins is available until May 14 for just $1499. That’s a discount of 75% compared to the usual retail price. Other titles include Dead Cells, Far Cry 5, Hitman 2, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Microsoft’s Xbox Sale

Throughout May, Microsoft has an extensive range of discounts on its digital Xbox Store. You can access the deals from your Xbox One console or online. One of the best deals is a one-month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 rather than the normal $14.99. This will even convert any remaining Xbox Live Gold time you have to Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost. Of course, there’s also a selection of games on offer that change weekly. Some are on sale for as much as 80% off, including high profile games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Green Man Gaming’s 10th Birthday Sale

Celebrating 10 years since its launch, Green Man Gaming has launched a month-long event in May. Throughout the entire month, they are reducing the prices of hundreds of games and also running competitions and events. You can check out all the titles on sale over at their site. This includes discounts of up to 80% off. Some of the games include Final Fantasy XV, Kerbal Space Program, and BioShock: The Collection. Each of these games is currently on sale at half price or better. 

Nintendo’s Switch Store Sale

Getting first-party Nintendo titles on sale is a difficult job. Fortunately, the Japanese company has reduced the prices of some of its biggest games, including Splatoon 2. The Switch Store also has some other deals for third-party games as well. There are a series of games available for under $10 as well as a Star Wars-themed event. Their Star Wars Day Sale offers discounts up to 30% on several games from the franchise through May 6 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Qubic’s Nintendo Switch Indie Sale

QubicGames is an indie game developer and publisher that has more than a dozen games available on the Nintendo Switch. As part of their 16th-anniversary sale, they are offering massive discounts of around 95% on 16 of their titles. As long as a Switch user owns either Robonauts or Geki Yaba Runner, which are on sale for $1, they can get access to the sale. From there, players can buy and download each of their other titles for just $0.49 each. A portion of profits are also being donated to medical causes fighting COVID-19.

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