All the Christmas Events in Games in 2019

December 12, 2019

Christmas is an important time of year for many people. The festive period gives people the chance to get together with friends and spend time with their family. It is also a time when gamers can get stuck into their favorite games. With time off work and holidays to enjoy, players can invest heavily in their hobby. 

Fortunately, publishers and developers know this all too well. Most of the biggest games include all kinds of Christmas or Yuletide events to entice fans to play them. Whether it is including a collection of new skins or entire missions based on a winter theme, there is something for everyone. Just take a look at all these in-game bonuses available over the next few weeks.

Killing Floor 2

In the last few years, the team behind the Killing Floor series has released a series of seasonal updates. 2019 is no different and will again see players get access to the Yuletide Horror update. Along with two new maps, there are four extra weapons and a mutated version of an original boss that now has upgraded abilities. Last but not least, users can also buy a special character in the form of Badass Santa. Gary Busey voices this extra character and players can use it in most events and modes. 

Fallout 76

This is the first year that Fallout 76 has been available over Christmas. So players have no real idea of what they can expect from timed events. The main change to the experience is the Holiday Scorched mobs. These enemies are sometimes dressed in festive gear and will jingle bells when nearby. Killing them will reward the player with Holiday Gifts that they can open to get special items. Included in the Holiday Gifts are rare blueprints and recipes alongside worthless lumps of coal. Bethesda is also offering a special Santatron bot and many holiday-themed cosmetic items. 

World of Tanks

World of Tanks has established a tradition of timed events during December. Completing a series of special missions will grant players exclusive rewards. Some of these items include cosmetic skins that can grant bonuses to your stats and boost XP. As a reward to fans, there will also be a series of big discounts to vehicles in the store. All players will also receive some free gifts throughout December to help them get into the festive spirit. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has had a series of seasonal and timed events since its launch earlier in the year. Although it has not been officially revealed, leaks suggest the battle royale title will introduce the Holo-Day event. Data miners have discovered that the game will bring Christmas skins for players to unlock, including a Santa outfit. New weapon skins should also be on offer alongside a Mirage Town Event on the in-game map. 


The Elder Scrolls

MMOs typically include several seasonal events throughout the year. The Elder Scrolls is no different and has many special activities planned for December. The first is that players can get the New Life Festival Scroll to take part in a series of exclusive quests. These grant XP bonuses along with different missions each day. Throughout the holiday period, players will also get access to gift boxes that can grant special rare rewards.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is leaving it late when it comes to introducing festive events. For the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, there will be a wide range of changes. The update will mean that Ice type Pokémon are more likely to spawn, including the legendary Regice. Christmas cosmetics will also be available to buy from the in-game store. Meanwhile, players should be able to send more gifts to each other than normal. As a final thanks to players, everyone will get access to extra items during the week.


Overwatch is once again bringing back the Winter Wonderland for 2019. As players have come to expect, it will include a variety of seasonal changes. A brand new game mode is chief among them. Called Snowball Deathmatch, every player takes on the role of Mei and uses a snowball gun in a free-for-all battle. As an added bonus there are also many new skins. These include seven legendary and epic skins that players can unlock along with all the cosmetic items from previous years.

Hitman 2

IO Interactive has several festive activities planned throughout December for Hitman 2. The two main events are Snow Festival and Holiday Hoarders. These Christmas-themed missions feature lots of cosmetic changes to existing maps as well as an ice pick weapon. Completing them will unlock two special costumes for the player. For example, a Santa 47 outfit and the Snow Festival suit are available. Additionally, a variety of Elusive Target and Escalation missions are coming back for a limited time. These events will only be available for a few days before disappearing once again.

Which video game Christmas events will you be taking part in? Let us know in the comments below!

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