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July 6, 2020

Ever since IO Interactive first rebooted the Hitman series in 2016, it has gone from strength to strength. Reimagining the story of Agent 47 and giving players large open levels to play with was a smart move. The developer is set to continue that work with the newly announced Hitman 3.

With the game recently announced to the world, there is very little information about it available. That doesn’t mean that we know absolutely nothing about the title. In fact, IO Interactive has actually given more away than the studio might have realized. So if you are looking forward to getting back into the world of assassins, here is everything you need to know about Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 release date

It is coming in January 2021 | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

Hitman 3 was officially announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event early in June. However, unlike the vast majority of titles shown during the live stream, IO Interactive’s project has a definite release date. According to the developer, Hitman 3 will arrive in January 2021. Although they didn’t give a specific date, it does mean that players will have something to look forward to. It will certainly be welcome in the post-holiday period after Christmas that is traditionally rather sparse.

Hitman 3 announcement trailer

You can watch the announcment trailer for Hitman 3 above!

Hitman 3 players can carry over their data from previous games

Players can carry over their data from previous games | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

Hitman 2, which released in 2018, actually supported all the content from its predecessor. That meant that players could import their progress and play the missions from the original Hitman. Even more impressive was the fact that these levels could take advantage of the improved engine and new features. The same process will be available in Hitman 3, which will allow you to transfer your save data. Anyone who has purchased the previous two games can also get access to them in Hitman 3 at no extra cost. 

Hitman 3 won’t be episodic

The game won’t be episodic | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

Previous Hitman games from IO Interactive have been episodic in nature. This meant that the whole game wasn’t available at once. Instead, the developer worked on smaller packages, releasing levels months apart. That won’t be the case with the latest game. Hitman 3’s entire campaign will be available when it launches in January. The good news is that players won’t have to wait around for additional releases once they get their hands on it. 


Hitman 3 will act as a platform for future expansions

But it will act as a platform for future expansions | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

According to IO Interactive, Hitman 3 will work as a platform that is easy to expand in the future. “[The game] will act as a platform for the entire trilogy,” said the developer in a statement. “We are excited to finally realize a vision that we had five years ago; to create a game world that would continually grow and expand over time.” Exactly what they mean by this is unclear but it suggests that the studio will continuously release new content.

Hitman 3 plot will carry on from the previous two games

Hitman 3’s story will carry on from the previous two games | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

IO Interactive’s previous two Hitman games have followed an overarching story. That will continue in Hitman 3. The developer has said this will be the conclusion of the plot that started in 2016. Agent 47 will finally have to take out the secretive Providence organization that has been a constant threat. To do this he will need to work with his longtime friend Diana Burnwood. The story will also see the assassin reconnect with a former partner in the form of Lucas Grey. 

Progression for unlocks will work in a new way

Progression for unlocks will work in a new way | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

Due to the fact that Hitman 3 will release as a complete game, progress and unlocks work a little differently. Rather than be specific to particular maps, unlocks will carry over across all the missions. Any weapon or item unlocked can then be used in all the locations, even those from previous entries. Unlocks from Hitman 1 and 2 will also automatically unlock in Hitman 3. This means you won’t have to spend time unlocking content as it will already be available in the sequel. 

Dubai is just one of Hitman 3’s newly introduced locations

Just like in previous games, IO Interactive promises that Hitman 3 will have a variety of large open-world maps. Each location will be more detailed and interactive than ever before. Although the developer has not yet revealed all the locations, they have shown off one. The location shown in the trailer was a new environment in Dubai, with Agent 47 on the roof of a tall building. IO Interactive confirmed fans will get to see more locations in the coming months. 

Hitman 3 gameplay seems to be an evolution rather than a revolution

Gameplay seems to be an evolution rather than revolution | Everything We Know About Hitman 3 | Zestradar

In terms of gameplay, the developers have not made radical changes in Hitman 3. From what players could see in the trailer and statements from the developer, the game will not be a revolution. Instead, it will likely include a number of refinements and improvements when compared to Hitman 2. This is the same approach the studio took with the first sequel and has a positive fan reception. So IO Interactive is unlikely to want to shift things too much in case it affects the core gameplay.

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