Everything You Need to Know About Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC

April 28, 2020

After a long gap in the franchise following the release of 2012’s Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 launched in 2019. Available on a variety of platforms, the first-person action RPG is a triumphant return for Gearbox Software. The game features entirely new weapons, items, and characters as well as a fresh setting across different planets. Of course, it also contains all of the looting mechanics from previous titles that players are familiar with.

Just like the other entries in the series, Borderlands 3 is set to have a number of big DLC expansions. The first of these story packs was “Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot” and the second has just been released. Now, the second DLC, “Guns, Love, and Tentacles,” has been released. Here is everything you need to know about it before you start playing.

It has a Lovecraftian theme

Almost every piece of DLC released in the Borderlands franchise has had some sort of theme attached to it. For example, “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep” was a Dungeons & Dragons parody. “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” is a Lovecraftian experience, taking ideas from H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. This includes the concept of Cthulhu and the various adaptations based on the mythos of the cosmic entity. Unfortunately, this means it also contains some of Lovecraft’s more problematic views such as racism and discrimination. 

The story involves the wedding of Hammerlock and Jakobs

The Borderlands series has never hidden the fact that Hammerlock is a gay character. With this latest DLC, the character is now getting married to Jakobs. In fact, the main story of the expansion revolves around the wedding of the two characters. A homophobic cult leader is attempting to stop the ceremony and ensure it doesn’t take place. The main quest sees you trying to stop the cult leader from succeeding.

The DLC costs $14.99

Borderlands 3 first launched in September 2019 and DLC expansion “Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot” came three months later in December. “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” follows this three-month release pattern, coming out on March 26, 2020. The pack is priced in much the same way as other Borderlands DLC. Users on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One can purchase it for $14.99. Of course, it is also part of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass and therefore available to download if you own it.

Player’s level cap has increased

Borderlands 3 initially launched with a level cap of just 50. That meant that when players reached that level, they could not earn any more skill points or improve their character. The previous DLC raised this cap to 53 but “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” goes one step further. In fact, the level cap will now be set to 57. This gives all users the opportunity to use an additional four skill points. Furthermore, two capstone abilities are now available to be equipped at the same time with the DLC.


A whole host of new legendary weapons

Perhaps the biggest feature in the Borderlands games is the looting. Practically every activity rewards the player with randomized weapons and items. The best of these are Legendary and Epic guns. “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” introduces a total of two new Legendary items. This is 10 more than were included in the previous DLC. Some of the best include a pistol known as the Frozen Devil and a shotgun known as the Nothingness. 

New skins and cosmetic items

It is not just weapons, armor pieces, and mods that are included in the latest DLC. “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” also introduces a range of fresh cosmetic items that you can use to customize your character. There are new Echo skins in addition to head and body skins for your character. Furthermore, extra trinkets have been added to the game with the expansion. Additional room decorations and emotes are available. Finally, there’s a selection of vehicle skins so you can truly personalize every aspect of the experience. 

The DLC adds a brand new planet

Just like other Borderlands DLC, “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” adds a completely new area to explore. This time around, players get to go to an icy planet called Xylourgos. With the sun blocked out, the surface is covered in snow and ice. In total, there are seven distinct locations with a few of those having subsections to explore on their own.

Gaige returns in the expansion

It is fairly common for downloadable content in the Borderlands franchise to bring back older characters. “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” is no different in that respect and it reintroduces a fan favorite from Borderlands 2. Gaige was originally released as part of a DLC pack for that title in 2012. However, she returns to the series in this new expansion. Although a non-playable character, she has a significant role as the wedding planner for Hammerlock’s wedding.

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