Move Over, Twitch: 8 Great Streaming Platform Alternatives

December 30, 2019

If you watch video game streamers, you’re very familar with Twitch. In fact, Amazon’s service has become synonymous with streaming for many gamers and most of the public.

But everyone knows that variety is the spice of life. You shouldn’t be limited to just one streaming platform. Whether you’re getting into streaming or just like to watch, you should check out this guide to streaming platforms that are a great alternative to Twitch.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is really making a name for itself in the streaming community. In fact, YouTube users may have enjoyed this game streaming platform and not even realized it!

As platforms go, YouTube Gaming has two big things going on for it. First, there is a built-in audience of YouTubers hungry for new content. And it’s easy to promote that content on social media and other platforms.

Second, YouTube works seamlessly with Google Adsense. That means it’s easier for streamers to realize their ultimate goal: making money from their content!


At the end of the day, most streamers want to make cash from their content. But what if you don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Google Adsense to make your bread? In that case, Vimeo has the platform you’ve been dreaming of.

They are an established platform for streaming music and other content. And you can use it to upload free content at first. If you like the experience, you can move on to paid services that also help you get paid.

It’s also good that you can capitalize on the Vimeo name to establish yourself as a true professional.


Gamers have many motivations for streaming. Not everybody wants to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Some instead want to stream to only their friends or to a more unique group of people.

Hitbox understands this and caters to these particular needs. Any streams on this platform can be broken into categories such as public and private. And by providing free website access, this platform makes it easy for any streamer with a decent rig to get started.

If nothing else, the private streaming option can help you get the kinks out of your streaming before you go mainstream.


You may already be familiar with the DailyMotion name. This is a streaming platform that rivals YouTube and often provides unique content that users cannot find anywhere else.

What you may not know is that DailyMotion has gotten into the business of streaming games. What makes their service unique is that they take a more direct hand in helping you to market your streams. That means you can grow your audience and start earning money that much faster.



Mixer may or may not be a platform you’ve never heard of. If you’re an Xbox One player, then you are pretty much beaten over the head with advertisements for this Microsoft steaming platform.

Those annoying ads aside, Mixer is a pretty solid streaming platform. While PC users can use this service, it seems optimized for console use. And it also makes it very easy for you to collaboratively work with other streamers and potentially grow both of your businesses.

If you like numbers, the analytics provided by Mixer are a great way to learn what is (and what isn’t) working for your audience. Who knows — you might become the next Ninja in no time!


DLive is one of the lesser-known items on this list. However, that may change pretty soon: this streaming platform got a shoutout from controversial YouTube celebrity PewDiePie for being so easy to use.

Fortunately, DLive is another platform that makes it easy to get started. And with their intuitive tools, you can start growing audiences and earning rewards in no time flat.

If you’re a bit of a gambler, there’s no time like the present to jump on the DLive bandwagon before it really explodes.

Instagib TV

One of the biggest hurdles to streaming is technological in nature. It can be tough to learn everything you need to know about hardware and software, all while managing a growing streaming audience.

Instagib TV tries to make things easier for streamers by streamlining the whole process. You simply record, stream, and start building an audience.

There is, however, something of a catch built in. For streamers and viewers alike, it’s possible to encounter an annoying “video servers at capacity” message. The only way to make this go away is to (what else?) become a VIP member.

Overall, this is a great platform to start streaming on. However, it’s not a great long-term solution.

Gosu Gamers

For streamers that are more interested in eSports, Gosu Gamers is a great option. This streaming site provides an easy and intuitive layout and also makes it very easy to communicate with your growing audience of followers.

As platforms go, it’s also very versatile. You can record in just about any file format and still end up with a great-looking video. On top of all of that, this streaming community is very friendly to newbies looking to get started.

Are you a Twitch loyalist or do you have a favorite streaming alternative? Let us know in the comments below!

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