Star Wars Battlefront II Is Free on PS Plus in June — Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Play It

June 3, 2020

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II had a rough launch in 2017, and there’s no doubt about that. The game was firmly cemented in controversy since it hit store shelves, due in most part to severe issues regarding lootboxes and microtransactions. This is a terrible shame, as Star Wars is a property that can do so much for gaming, as evidenced by some past titles. 

Fortunately, however, redemption is a theme in the series. Star Wars Battlefront II is currently free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers through July 6. So, now seems like a good time to examine why this flawed game has redeemed itself.

Battlefront II is no longer pay-to-win

One of the main issues with the launch of Battlefront II was the pay-to-win dynamics in place. If players had enough spare cash laying around, they could afford the better toys. Naturally, this gave them an unfair advantage in battle. 

Fortunately, this has largely been patched out and leveled more fairly. Some grinding will still be needed in order to catch up with veteran players, however. Then again, that may be what makes the game worthwhile.

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All Battlefront II content updates are free

Many players may assume that the DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II comes with a price. That isn’t actually true, though. Each update has been absolutely free to download. Naturally, each update adds a lot of really enticing things to the game, as well.

Battlefront II received a final major update recently with the Battle of Scarif. That means that when players receive their version of Battlefront II with PlayStation Plus, it will the entire package. 

All Star Wars eras get some attention

Depending on your preferences, you may love some aspects of the Star Wars franchise more than others. Some adore the TV shows while avoiding the movies. Others may prefer the prequel trilogy as opposed to the original films. That’s something that makes this property so appealing to many.

However, whatever your draw to Star Wars actually is, you can probably find it represented in this game. Fans of the prequel trilogy in particular should be pretty happy with the content added to Battlefront II since launch. Naturally, there’s also plenty of sequel and original trilogy love, too. 

The battles are intense

Something that made the original release of Battlefront II so bitter was that the game was actually fantastic to play. As a straightforward gameplay experience, it may have been some of the best Star Wars gameplay to date. However, it was overshadowed by the more controversial elements of the game.

Luckily, those elements have been fixed and the battles are still firmly intact. In fact, they have actually been improved via updates. The battles that players will find themselves running into are hectic and stunning in a way. It presents the warfare part of Star Wars better than any other media of the franchise has so far.

Fan favorite characters are playable

Seeing as Star Wars is a constantly growing universe of characters, it would be impossible to stuff each memorable Star Wars hero or villain into the game. However, the developers have done a good job of giving players a healthy variety of options to choose from. 


Hero and villain characters are all collected from the three main film trilogies. Rey, Luke Skywalker, and Lando Calrissian are among the characters listed as heroes. The villains are comprised of characters like Kylo Ren, General Grievous, and Boba Fett. Taking control of any of these characters may just help you turn the tide of battle.

Battlefront II is far more streamlined now

It’s time to look at Battlefront II from a technical standpoint now. When the game launched, the upgrade system for players was pretty bad. The entire process felt clunky and overly drawn-out. It made finishing matches more of a hassle than anything, especially if you lost and felt a need to get back on the field as soon as possible. 

The developers seemingly realized this and cleaned the system up. It is now smoother and simpler than ever before. This means that you’ll spend as little time as possible going through the process of upgrading your character so you can get back in the game. 

Cosmetic customization 

Not only can you customize your heroes and villains now, but you can also customize your troops. It’s a small feature, but it’s something that makes the game a bit more interesting. Being able to tweak the look of your soldiers until they are uniquely yours is always fun for many people.

Plus, finding that greatly-sought-after cosmetic item comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment that could have only been dreamed of years ago.

Squads are much better now

At release, battles in Battlefront II felt a bit lonely. It seemed like an “every person for themselves” kind of situation, which it was for the most part. This is another issue that has been updated very well for the game.

For example, there is now a squad-spawn system that makes a huge difference. If an entire team goes down save for one player, they simply have to take cover long enough for their teammates to respawn. This means that your squad is something that you have to actively consider now, rather than everyone just doing their own thing. 

Battlefront II features new modes 

As many may be aware of, there was a Star Wars Battlefront II released in 2005, as well. That game had significantly more game modes than the 2017, much to the distaste of fans. While Battlefront II 2017 doesn’t have exactly the same modes, there has been an attempt to recapture that 2005 magic. 

For instance, there is Capital Supremacy. This mode will have players capturing control points, which is familiar to many FPS players. However, this mode also has transition stages. 

Single-player content

Fans of single-player games will also have a reason to try Battlefront II. Alongside the story campaign of the game, there is also a new mode that resembles the 2005 game. Instant Action allows a player to battle with and against enemy AI on battlefields. 

This is good for anyone looking to practice outside of online matches, or anyone looking to avoid the stress of fellows players.

What do you think of Star Wars Battlefront II? Tell us in the comments below!

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