The 10 Best Multiplayer Maps That Everyone Should Play

July 28, 2020

There are a lot of things that go into making a great multiplayer game. The distinctive gameplay, range of weapons, and even the graphics can help make a first-person shooter memorable. But the thing that sets the best games apart from the rest is undoubtedly the maps available to players.

For any multiplayer mode to be engaging and enduring, it needs fun maps that keep players coming back. That’s why some of the most successful games of all time have some of the most iconic levels ever produced. A great selection of maps can make a game much more enjoyable than it otherwise might have been.

If you’ve never had a chance to try out these great maps, then you should definitely find some time to. Here are the 10 best multiplayer maps that everyone should play.

House from Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has gone through a lot of changes since its launch in 2015. But one thing that has remained consistent is that House is easily the best map in the game. At first glance, it might appear to be too simple to be considered a classic. But it is the simplicity that makes it so good. Every player can quickly get to grips with it and become familiar with the various rooms and entry points. However, it also allows for complex strategies and has plenty of options. It’s the perfect map for such a tactical and intense game.  

Lockout from Halo 2

The Halo series has had a lot of great maps over the years. However, Halo 2 has arguably the greatest selection. The one that stands out from the 2004 title is Lockout. It works well whether you are playing in a 1v1 mode or battling with seven other players in objective gametypes. Like other great maps, it works so well because it boils down the winning formula of the Halo franchise. In this instance, it is controlling the weapons and keeping important parts of the level in your possession.

2Fort from Team Fortress 2

2Fort is probably the most famous map from the Team Fortress series. It has appeared in multiple games and been carefully fine-tuned up until its inclusion in Team Fortress 2. Once again, the map is built up from an idea that less is more. Valve hasn’t tried to overcomplicate things with 2Fort. In fact, the map is essentially just two bases connected by a bridge. However, the symmetrical nature of the map makes it perfectly balanced. Add to that the fact that it demands players work together to be successful, and it becomes an instant classic. 

Nuketown from Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Call of Duty franchise has a lot of great multiplayer maps. However, few have had quite the impact of Nuketown. On the surface, such a tiny map might seem out of place for the series. After all, it gives players little opportunity to use the wide variety of weapons on offer. Yet, Nuketown quickly became a firm fan-favorite. The frantic action and lightning-fast pace of the map are unique among shooters. No wonder then that the map has been replicated in so many Call of Duty games.

Strike at Karkand from Battlefield 2

Strike at Karkand first showed up in Battlefield 2 in 2005. The map has since appeared in almost every installment in the series. Allowing for great strategic battles, the map contains everything you’d want from a Battlefield game. Each portion of the level allows for different types of combat and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Best of all, though, is the fact that Strike at Karkand always provides for a flowing and changing match. 


Q3DM17: The Longest Yard from Quake III

Quake III is one of the most important first-person shooters of all time. First released in 1999, it helped establish the genre as the behemoth it is today. Out of all the superb maps in the title, The Longest Yard is probably the best. There is one reason for that, it encapsulates everything that is great about Quake III. To survive in this map you need to be constantly on the move, jumping and running around with perfect timing. With nowhere to hide, it forced players to master the basic elements of the game or die

Stack from GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007 was a revolutionary game. The 1997 title showed just how good licensed titles could be, yet also demonstrated that shooters could work on consoles. Before that, they had largely been the domain of PC gaming. The best feature of the James Bond game, though, was the excellent local multiplayer. Out of all the maps, Stack stands out as the strongest. It practically gets everything right, from the distinctive visuals to the close-quarters mayhem it produced.

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Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament set the standard for multiplayer first-person shooters when it launched in 1999. One of the most striking lessons from this game was the importance of creating fun and balanced maps. Facing Worlds is a perfect example of this concept. Nothing in the level is there by accident, with each element designed to serve a purpose. That creates great sightlines but stops players from being able to see everywhere at once. Ideal for a variety of game types, it shined most during the capture-the-flag mode.

Dust 2 from Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike launched in 2000 but it was not until 2001 when it received arguably its greatest multiplayer map. Dust 2 was a sequel to an earlier creation but quickly became a standout after the launch of the game. What makes the map so good is that it is based on a concept of simplicity. The entire level is symmetrical and has little in the way of objects, making it easy to memorize. Dust 2 is so successful that it has appeared in every version of the game, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012.

Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved

Anyone who has played the 2001 game Halo: Combat Evolved will be familiar with Blood Gulch. The large symmetrical level is perfect for the shooter, allowing for a wide range of strategies and gameplay. Large open spaces are great for vehicular combat while the bases offer the chance to get involved in close-quarters fighting. It has become one of the most recognizable maps in all of gaming history and has been recreated in practically every Halo game.

What is the best multiplayer map you’ve ever played? Tell us in the comments below!

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