The 8 Best James Bond Games Ever Made

July 30, 2020

James Bond has a long history in gaming, besides being one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. Over the course of the last 20 years, there have been a number of games based on the fictional British spy. After all, the movies have everything needed to make a great game. That’s because they feature intense action, fast-paced gun battles, and vehicle sequences.

Of course, all of that doesn’t mean that every James Bond game is actually good. While some are highly regarded, others have faded into obscurity. The following titles are the best of the best: the James Bond games everybody should try out at least once. Let’s count down the eight best James Bond video games ever made.

8. James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

When Activision licensed the rights to the James Bond franchise from EA in 2006, fans were excited. Especially because the publisher had plenty of experience in terms of first-person shooters thanks to the Call of Duty franchise. The 2008 game 007: Quantum of Solace proved that the series was in good hands.

Mirroring the action from the film of the same name, the game featured tight and responsive gunplay. Like some of the better older titles, this release also had sophisticated multiplayer offerings. All of this meant it was a very playable and enjoyable James Bond title. 

7. James Bond 007: Goldfinger

When you think of James Bond you probably don’t immediately picture a text adventure game. Yet, when developers first started working on James Bond games, choices were limited in terms of genres. In 1986, Angelsoft released James Bond 007: Goldfinger. This was an interactive fiction title based on the film of the same name. Containing many difficult puzzles, it had a compelling story and advanced features for its time. While not a game that many fans would enjoy today, James Bond 007: Goldfinger had a cult audience back in the 1980s.

6. James Bond 007: Nightfire

One of the best features of Nightfire was the strong local multiplayer. Four players could battle it out in action-packed and fun maps. However, the 2002 title also had a strong singleplayer campaign. Many of the levels come from iconic set pieces from the movie franchise. That gave players the chance to play through memorable scenes from various films, something most other Bond games don’t offer. There’s also plenty of intense gunplay and exciting car chases to keep things interesting. 


5. James Bond 007: From Russia With Love

Fans and critics widely regard From Russia With Love as one of the greatest James Bond films. So any game based on that movie would have a lot to live up to. That didn’t stop EA from doing exactly that in 2005. Like many other EA Bond titles, it contained a good mix of shooting, driving, and puzzles. Add to that voice acting from Sean Connery himself and lots of settings from the original movie and this was a winning combination. 

4. James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Many people might not have played Blood Stone, the 2010 game developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision. The game proved to be a financial failure, receiving mixed reviews from critics. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad game. A retrospective look back shows that Blood Stone actually holds up pretty well. Other than the less-than-enthusiastic delivery by Daniel Craig, the game is actually fairly engaging. This game contains plenty of gun battles, car chases, and exciting action. 

3. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Everything or Nothing was the culmination of a trilogy of EA James Bond games. Released in 2003, it acted as a sequel to both Agent Under Fire and Nightfire. The developers clearly took everything they learned from the previous two games to create a superb experience. Like its predecessors, Everything or Nothing contained plenty of great action sequences and vehicular combat. Big names like Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench even signed up, giving an air of authenticity to the game. While not as groundbreaking as the other entries in the trilogy, it is the most accomplished of the three titles. 

2. James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

When Agent Under Fire released in 2001, it marked a fresh start for the James Bond franchise. Following the success of GoldenEye 007 in 1997 had been a tough ask. The subsequent titles were largely disappointing. But things began to change with this game. EA’s take not only had a solid multiplayer offering, but it also set a new standard for singleplayer campaigns. Mixing intense gunfights with fantastic car chases, it was an exciting game that was constantly exciting. Agent Under Fire managed to take everything that makes a great James Bond film and put it into a game.

1. GoldenEye 007

No list of James Bond games would be complete without GoldenEye 007 making an appearance. Widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential shooters of all time, it is obviously at number one. Showing that first-person shooters could work on consoles, the title was hugely successful. It would go on to inspire an entire generation of games. Despite releasing in 1997, two years after the film, GoldenEye 007 also showed how good movie tie-ins can be. Few games have ever been played as much in local multiplayer as the ultimate James Bond game.

What are your favorite James Bond games of all time? Sound off in the comments below!

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