The Hardest Achievements Almost No One Can Get on Xbox

June 23, 2020

One of the things that originally set the Xbox consoles apart from the competition was the inclusion of achievements. Although it might seem like a minor feature, the unlockable rewards added an extra element of motivation for many players. They have become so popular that the likes of Sony and Nintendo now include similar systems in their own consoles.

Of course, unlocking achievements is not always an easy task. While there are plenty of trivial examples that don’t take much effort, many are much trickier to complete. That makes sense considering that they are meant to reward skill and act as a badge of honor. But a few achievements go too far, asking players to meet insanely difficult requirements that few can ever manage. Here are the hardest achievements almost no one can get on Xbox.

Tumblestone Dreamcatcher

The “Dreamcatcher” achievement in Tumblestone is one that only a few players in the title will ever unlock. The reason for this is simple. It is practically impossible to beat under normal circumstances. Players have to beat the three AI opponents in a row. What makes this extra difficult, though, is that each needs to be set on the hardest setting possible. One wrong move will quickly destroy your chances. But even if you play perfectly there is still a very good chance you will get beat by the uncompromising computer players.

Goat Simulator The Flapmaster

For the most part, Goat Simulator is a fun game that doesn’t tax gamers too much. However, “The Flapmaster” achievement is the one moment in the title that most people will just give up on almost immediately. To unlock it, you must get 10 points on an arcade machine that features a clone of Flappy Bird. The original app was hard enough but this version has tricky controls and performance issues. Anyone able to get to 10 points truly deserves the gamerscore.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Mile High Club

Although Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s achievements are mostly straightforward, one of them stands out for being fiendishly hard to unlock. The “Mile High Club” achievement needs players to complete the last mission in the game in less than a minute. While that is a tough enough ask on its own, players also have to play it on the highest difficulty. To have any chance of completing the achievement, you have to memorize every second of the mission and make no mistakes.

Rock Band 2 Bladder of Steel

Everyone knows that playing Rock Band 2 can get very tricky if you choose the expert difficulty. However, this achievement doesn’t require you to play on the hardest level. Instead, it requires a gamer to get through every single song included in the base game in one sitting. That means you have to play more than 70 songs in a row without pausing the game. If you fail a track that also means you have to start over. 


Limbo No Point in Dying

Limbo is already considered to be a fairly difficult game even if it only lasts for a few hours. However, the “No Point in Dying” achievement takes things a step further. Players must somehow make it through the entire story without dying more than five times. That’s a huge ask considering the sheer amount of traps and enemies that will block your path. One tiny mistake can mean instant death, so this is an incredibly difficult achievement. Only those that memorize each section will be able to unlock it.

Steep 24 carats Gold challenger

The “24 carats Gold challenger” achievement in Steep can basically only be unlocked by those who are a master of the game. That’s because it requires players to win a gold medal on all 188 challenges in the game. Because these are spread out over the disciplines in the title, you have to be an expert in every mode. Otherwise, you can easily fail to meet the criteria for the snowboarding or skiing sections. 

Elite: Dangerous Well Trained

When Elite Dangerous first launched in 2014, it included an achievement called “Well Trained.” This was awarded to those who completed the tutorials for the game. Unfortunately, that meant getting through a combat scenario that involved fighting wave after wave of enemy ships that were much stronger than your own. It was a situation that would never occur in the main game, and only a very few talented players were ever able to unlock it. Nowadays, the tutorials have been made easier but it’s still a tough achievement.

Trials Fusion Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

The Trials series has always been known for its difficult achievements. Practically every game in the series has asked players to accomplish some insane task for the final achievement. Yet, Trials Fusion is arguably the most unforgiving of the lot. To unlock “Is There Anything You Can’t Do?” players need to beat every single challenge in the game. That includes 120 different tracks, many of them on the hardest difficulty. What makes matters worse is that the final level has to be beaten while your bike is invisible.

What is the hardest achievement you’ve ever unlocked? Tell us in the comments below!

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