The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5

October 15, 2019

It’s finally happening. The next generation of gaming consoles is coming. Over the next two years we’ll see each major company come out with the next wave of superior gaming systems.

As we enter the fifth generation of consoles, most gamers already know which ones interest them. If you’re a PlayStation person, you may already be eyeing vendors offering pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 console, which will be released for the 2020 holiday season. But should you pull the trigger?

Here’s everything we know about the PlayStation 5 so far and what the pros and cons are to pre-ordering.

Pro: Guaranteed Shipment

One of the most painful things about getting a new console is the actual “getting it” part. There’s always a mad rush to find a store that actually has it in stock, especially since it will be releasing for Holiday 2020.

The good news about placing your order this far in advance is you’re guaranteed to get a PlayStation 5 when it ships out. You’ll be on the lists as an early shipper.

Just make sure to read the fine print first. You don’t want to be locked into a position where you can’t cancel and switch your order carrier later on if you need to.

Pro: Price Lock | The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5 | Gammicks
Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Pro: Price Lock

This can vary from vendor to vendor, but many vendors offer a price lock. That is to say, the price you pre-order at is the most you will ever pay. If the console price goes up in the next year until its release, you’ll still get it at the lower price you locked in.

Even better, if the price goes down after you pre-order, you’ll still get it at that lower rate. This is yet another reason why its important to read the fine print with whichever vendor you pre-order with.

Pro: 4K Blu-ray Drive | The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5 | Gammicks
Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Pro: 4K Blu-ray Drive

Many fans were worried that in our increasingly digital age, the PlayStation 5 would remove the ability to play discs entirely. But if you were holding off on pre-ordering for that reason, worry no more.

In an exclusive interview with Wired, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 will have a 4K Blu-ray drive. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 was only able to play regular HD Blu-rays. The PlayStation 5 will be able to play the latest 4K Blu-ray movies and 100 GB optical game discs, as well as older disc formats like DVDs.

Pro: VR Capability | The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5 | Gammicks

Pro: VR Capability

It has been confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will have VR capability. It will be interesting to see how future gaming releases work this in.

Rumor is the PlayStation VR 2, the VR accessory for the PlayStation 5, might release at the same time. Lets Go Digital reported new details about the PSVR2 that were revealed in a patent.


Features include wireless connectivity, new cameras for the headset, and an augmented reality mode. Augmented reality will allow you to connect the VR headset to your smartphone and browse the web with your eyes.

Pro: Support for Known Game Franchises | The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5 | Gammicks

Pro: Support for Known Game Franchises

The key reason to pre-order PS5 this early is simple: gaming franchises. Call of Duty, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Age — these are all games that have a long history of releases on PlayStation systems.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 has been unofficially confirmed for a future PlayStation 5 release, but for the most part these titles work out to solid bets. We’re likely to see the next round of games release here as well, including the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 featuring Keanu Reeves.

Con: Competing Console | The Pros and Cons of Pre-Ordering PlayStation 5 | Gammicks

Con: Competing Console

As always, announcements from one major company always lead to similar ones from others. Microsoft recently announced its next console will also release for Holiday 2020, putting it in direct competition with the PS5.

With the codename Xbox Project Scarlett, it’s a tough competitor for Sony. One of the downsides to pre-ordering this early is not knowing which console is going to be the best bet out of the gate.

Sometimes consoles are worth waiting on so they work out the bugs. Anyone who remembers the Xbox 360’s infamous “red ring of death” will attest to that.

It’s too early to say which console will win the gaming war of Holiday 2020, but it will be an interesting race to watch.

Con: Pre-Ordering Is Currently Only Available In Belgium

Ready to pre-order the PlayStation 5? The bad news is you can’t yet… unless you live in Belgium.

That’s right, as of October 15, 2019, a retailer in Belgium called Game Mania is the first, and thus far only, place where you can pre-order the PlayStation 5 right now.

For a mere deposit of 50 euros, you can lock-in your pre-order copy at Game Mania, which will deduct your deposit from the as-yet-unrevealed final price.

But this pre-order offer is only available in-store at a Game Mania… in Belgium. So, unless you can afford a plane ticket to Belgium, you’re out of luck.

Are you going to pre-order PlayStation 5? Or will you get Xbox Project Scarlett instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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