Top 10 Devolver Digital Games, Ranked

March 16, 2021

Devolver Digital is an American indie game publisher that isn’t afraid of either variety or weirdness. In fact, that’s a big reason why gamers love them.

To see just how versatile they are, here are the top 10 Devolver Digital games, ranked.

10. Gorn

Virtual reality has made for some pretty interesting moments in gaming. In 2019, a gladiator simulator arrived for VR by the name of Gorn. There’s not a whole lot to say about Gorn other than it’s very silly, pretty violent, and super fun.

The game gives players a variety of weapons to take out their opponents. This often results in some hilariously brutal beatdowns worthy of Devolver’s unique branding. Of course, the fairly cartoonish art style helps keep things from getting too real for players.

9. Hatoful Boyfriend

Let it never be said that Devolver only publishes games for action fans. The company also has fans of romance covered, as well. Released in 2014, Hatoful Boyfriend made history by being the world’s very first dating simulator starring… birds.

The main character is a student who is enrolled at the renown high school of St. PigeoNation. Players control the student, making dialogue choices, and simply reading along with the plot. Naturally, this game is very humorous and simple, but if you’re searching for something strange and original, then this satirical take on dating sims is always available.

8. Serious Sam 3: BFE

From love and romance to chaotic first-person shooter action. Released in 2011, Serious Sam 3: BFE is a very serious game about a very serious Sam making big explosions and fighting enemy creatures.

As you may have guessed, Serious Sam is a throwback to the classic arcade shooters of the ’90s. They were often stupid, very exciting, and most importantly, incredibly fun. Serious Sam 3: BFE keeps this trend alive with nostalgic features of gaming’s past.

7. The Talos Principle

Released in 2014, The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game in the same vein as Portal or The Witness. Players find themselves waking up in a strange and foreign place with no choice but to solve puzzles.

Naturally, these puzzles are nice and challenging for players wanting to use their brain a bit. However, they’ll soon learn that there is a meaning to the random puzzles found, as well as a story to be told here. The Talos Principle may be a refreshing game for many players wanting a mysterious problem-solving experience.

6. Absolver

Absolver is a pretty unique multiplayer fighting game. Players come across each other randomly in the various areas of the game. Once players have noticed each other, they can decide to be friendly and cooperative. If they would rather not do that, then they can battle each other to see who comes out on top.

This is where Absolver shines, as each player can collect various fighting moves to customize their character. This makes their character unique to them and a mystery to other players. Of course, there are also environmental NPC enemies, as well.


This 2017 release both looks and plays great. This makes the interesting approach to multiplayer all the sweeter.

5. Gris

Gris is a gorgeous game that offers a contemplative experience for players. Upon starting Gris, players won’t run into evil villains or dangerous hazards. However, they will be confronted by obstacles, dead ends, and alternate paths. These alternate paths typically become available as the main character grows as a person, giving her more abilities to make it through on her own.

Gris is perfect if you’re looking for a calm, emotionally charged game with a nice message.

4. My Friend Pedro

Peer pressure is a powerful thing in My Friend Pedro. This strategic action game is intense and expects players to use their instincts to move forward. What this results in is a super entertaining journey into violence and style.

My Friend Pedro released in 2019 and earned tons of praise for the way it approaches combat. Slow motion diving, the ability split aim, and many window breaches make this a side-scroller unlike any other. All-in-all, players will never have a better time wreaking havoc at the orders of a sentient banana named Pedro.

3. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a game from 2016 that could be called many things. It’s a dungeon crawler as well as a Roguelike. However, there are also major bullet-hell elements tossed in. Really, it could be classified as all three. That is precisely why it is so good, though.

Enter the Gungeon is an addictive yet challenging shooter with tons of charm and entertainment value. It’s most certainly worth playing for the replayability value alone.

2. Carrion

Horror games typically place the player in the role of the survivor. 2020’s Carrion tosses that idea right out the window and allows them to play as the monster this time.

Crawling throughout the facility the game takes place in, players spread chaos and fear with each room they visit. This results in a new take on a classic genre, although it is a fairly short experience.

1. Hotline Miami

What may be Devolver’s best game is Hotline Miami. This top-down shooter has a very distinct art style and approach to combat. The game is punishing and demands players to be on the top of their game at all times. However, it is also fun in that it does feel like a power trip when things go just right.

It’s a messy, choreographed dance of violence, although one that is set to some really good music. Plus, the visuals work really well no matter how you end up playing this 2012 classic.

What is your favorite Devolver Digital game? Tell us in the comments below!

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