Top 10 Games We Want to See Announced This Year

January 12, 2021

Although 2020 was not a great year, 2021 has plenty of promise. There are dozens of highly-anticipated titles already announced for the year. That includes high-profile games for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Of course, not every game that is in development has actually been officially announced yet. There are plenty of unconfirmed titles that fans want to see over the coming months. Whether they are sequels, remasters, or collections, all of these projects should be in the works. Let’s hope that developers and publishers are preparing to reveal these games in 2021. Here are the top 10 games we want to see announced this year.

Uncharted 5

Most players assumed that the Uncharted series was finished after the release of A Thief’s End. With Naughty Dog now focusing on other projects, that seemed like a safe bet from fans. But there is still plenty of demand for a new game in the franchise, especially with the launch of the PS5.

Rumors have been circulating that Sony has put another studio in charge of Uncharted. That could very well mean that a new entry is very much on the way. If that is the case, then Sony could announce it over the next 12 months.

Silent Hill

Over the last few months, there has been lots of speculation about the Silent Hill franchise. Leakers have consistently argued that Sony has a reboot of the psychological horror game in the works. According to these leaks, the title is scheduled to be released in 2023.

While there has been no official confirmation, including screenshots or trailers, this will give fans some hope. Considering the lack of great horror games on consoles, an announcement of a new Silent Hill game would be very welcome.

BioShock 4

After years of silence, 2K Games finally confirmed in December 2019 that a new BioShock game was in development. However, there has still been no official announcement about the sequel.

That means that fans haven’t had a chance to get a look at the title. That’s important because Irrational Games is no longer working on the series. New developer Cloud Chamber could well use 2021 to give gamers the first glimpse of BioShock 4.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls is a series that has become hugely popular. Skyrim took the series to brand new heights and is still played by millions of gamers today. Bethesda has even ported the title to new hardware like the PS4 and Xbox One.

But it’s been almost a decade since Skyrim launched, meaning that the world is ready for a sequel. Although it is known that Bethesda is working on a new entry, it has yet to be officially announced.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remakes

One thing that Pokémon fans can be sure of is that older games will always be remade. Game Freak and Nintendo have remastered the early generations of the series multiple times over the last decade. Some, like Pokémon Red & Blue have seen several individual remakes.

The last proper remakes came in the form of Sapphire & Ruby, meaning that Diamond & Pearl are next in line. The titles would also likely arrive on the Nintendo Switch if announced over the next 12 months.


Knights of the Old Republic 3

BioWare released what is widely considered one of the best Star Wars games almost two decades ago. Knights of the Old Republic received one sequel before the studio then worked on a successful MMO.

But fans of the series have wanted a proper RPG follow-up for some time now. With EA, which owns BioWare, now having the rights to Star Wars games a sequel could be in the works.

Splinter Cell

There has not been a new installment in the Splinter Cell series since 2013. That is despite the fact it was one of the most popular Tom Clancy titles developed by Ubisoft. However, the publisher has been rebooting its classic franchises in recent years.

Both Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon have been given a new lease of life. Meanwhile, there have been a few titles similar to Splinter Cell launched in recent times. That leaves plenty of opportunity for Ubisoft to release a new entry. 

Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto V has certainly been the most successful entry in the series. So much so that Rockstar has not had to release a sequel since 2013. In fact, the game has now been ported to multiple platforms, and versions are in the works for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

However, it is widely believed that Rockstar is also working on a sequel. 2021 would seem like a good year to announce the game to the public.

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Collection

2020 was a big year for Nintendo. It marked the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. This year will be the same anniversary for The Legend of Zelda franchise.

That means that Nintendo is almost certain to announce a similar collection to the Super Mario 3D All-Stars. This could include remasters of The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo Switch.


Ever since the release of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in 2008, the series has been dormant. But the platformer is one of Rare’s most popular franchises. Fans have long been asking for a proper sequel, one that follows the traditions of the first two games.

Bringing back classic platformers has been a successful strategy in recent times. Both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro have been revived in recent years. Banjo-Kazooie could easily follow in their footsteps and could be announced this year.

What games do you want to see officially announced this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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