Top 10 Strangest Trophies in Video Games

March 31, 2020

Trophies have always been a fun little bonus added to our favorite games. While not everyone appreciates them, they do allow for some pretty funny or odd moments. These instances can be silly or downright embarrassing in some cases. Exactly how strange can these trophies be, though? To better answer this we will be looking at the top 10 strangest trophies in video games

Yakuza 0 rewards players for healthy curiosity

The 1980s-set Yakuza 0 is a fun game with tons of content to experience. While the main story of Yakuza 0 tends to be more serious than not, the side content found throughout the game is definitely not as serious. For example, players can visit “special” video stores where the typically innocent characters watch various risqué movies. 

For those not entirely sure of what they just walked into, the entire segment can be really uncomfortable and worthy of a few good cringes. This is all perfectly topped off with the trophy notification entitled “I Did it For The Trophy.” Because of course we did, right?

Fallout 4 and football victories

Fallout 4 offers a huge map to explore as much as you want. With a map so large, it’s only natural that a few silly trophies will find their way into a player’s possession. One, however, is a bit more explosive than the rest. 

The super mutants of Fallout 4 can be insanely self-destructive. Some specific super mutants are always armed with a handy mini-nuke. Upon seeing the player, these mutants will charge toward them, as if they were running for the end zone. If they reach the player… well, the only logical move would be to spike the mini-nuke into the ground like a football. The explosion is followed closely by the trophy unlock “Touchdown!” to add some insult to injury. 

Nathan Drake takes a break in Uncharted 4

Not all strange trophies are taking shots at the player. Some can even provide clever ways for the developer to poke fun at themselves, actually. For instance, one of Uncharted 4’s most ambitious and exciting moments can be kicked off with a little joke. In Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight, players need to simply stand still for 30 seconds in order to obtain the trophy “Stage Fright.”

This is a reference to an E3 demo showing off the spectacle of Uncharted 4 only to be held up for several agonizing minutes by Nathan Drake simply standing still. At least series developer Naughty Dog can laugh at themselves while delivering such a great game. 

Misery prevention in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Players familiar with the Modern Warfare series will be able to easily recognize series villain Vladimir Makarov and his various war crimes. In Modern Warfare Remastered, players are now able to put a quick end to the series by taking a shot at Makarov in the fan-favorite level “All Ghlillied Up.” This rewards the trophy “Time Paradox” for completing the mission prematurely and essentially erasing Modern Warfare 2 and 3 by doing so.

2B doesn’t appreciate curiosity in Nier: Automata

Of course, there are some trophies that are basically designed to call players out for their actions. In the fantastic game Nier: Automata, players take the role of 2B, a warrior android sent to Earth. 


If players are so inclined, they can position the camera behind 2B in a lowered position. Naturally, 2B doesn’t care for this and knocks the camera away. Players who do not take the hint eventually get hit with the trophy “What Are You Doing?” and presumably go on to be made fun of by friends. 

Lego Marvel Superheroes acknowledges Chris Evans

Fans of superhero movies may know that actor Chris Evans has portrayed Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in two Fantastic Four films, as well as Steve Rogers/Captain America in numerous Marvel films over the years.

In Lego Marvel Superheroes, this connection gets some attention if the player pairs Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers together on a team. This comes in the form of a trophy titled “Don’t I Know You?” as a little nod to the actor.

Sander Cohen tastes the irony in BioShock

During the course of Bioshock, the player will interact with many unusual characters. Among them lies Sander Cohen, one of the more memorable of the group. This colorful psychopath tasks the player with killing various targets and photographing their corpses in the name of art. 

After so many kills and pictures taken for Cohen, the player can actually track the artist down and put an end to his career. Sarcastic players are also rewarded with a trophy entitled “Irony” for then taking a picture of Cohen’s body for laughs.

Fights in Sleeping Dogs can get fishy

Players can use many weapons in the open world crime game Sleeping Dogs. However, a more interesting weapon is… the fish. By beating down a bad guy with a fish, players can receive the trophy “A Slap in the Face.” In all honesty, players deserve that one for being a bit creative with their combat options. 

Borderlands 2 has the freshest memes

The humor in Borderlands 2 was a bit outdated when it released in 2012. Playing it in 2020 is like a strange time capsule of internet humor that reminds players that some things actually existed at one point. For instance, a special Easter egg earns you both the “What Does It Mean?” trophy and a chuckle-worthy reminder of the famous double rainbow video from the earlier days of YouTube. 

Snape gets sneaky in Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

The Lego games are known for making some pretty great jokes, but no one expected a Metal Gear Solid reference to be linked to Harry Potter anti-hero Severus Snape. By hiding in a barrel while playing as Snape, players receive the “Solid Snape” trophy. While pretty weird, this trophy makes for a nice little surprise for fans of both series.

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