Pokémon Unite Launching July 21 for Nintendo Switch

July 15, 2021

Nintendo has revealed that Pokémon Unite will launch later this month, becoming available online on July 21 for the Switch console. This is the first time that the game has been given a definite release date since it was announced last year.

A new trailer, which can be seen below, was also revealed as part of the announcement, giving fans a closer look at what they can expect from the title.

Pokémon Unite is a strategy game where users form teams to battle opponents and capture as many wild Pokémon as possible. It will be free-to-play initially but will offer in-game purchases.


Those who purchase and play Pokémon Unite before the end of August will also receive a special gift in the form of a Unite license for the Mythical Zeraora, giving players the chance to use the Pokémon in battle.

A version for mobile devices is expected to release in September.

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