All the Doom Eternal Cheats and How to Get Them

April 21, 2020

Bethesda Softworks and id Software relaunched the Doom franchise in 2016 after the disappointment that was Doom 3. Following the huge success of the reboot, a sequel seemed inevitable. Just four years later, fans now have access to Doom Eternal. The game has garnered praise once again for going back to the traditional formula of the series with its fast-paced gameplay and action-packed campaign. 

Another way that Doom Eternal resembles the original classic titles is through the use of a variety of cheat codes. Just like in former entries, Doom Eternal contains a number of cheats in the form of hidden discs. Each of them significantly alters an element of gameplay or an in-game mechanic, providing new ways to play through the single-player story. Here is every Doom Eternal cheat and how to unlock them.

Infinite Extra Lives

As you might have guessed from the name, this code provides the player with an unlimited supply of extra lives that won’t run out. The hidden disc associated with it is on the level “Hell on Earth,” just after the giant hanging train section. Going through a tunnel section with a series of tentacles coming from the floor will reveal a vent in the ceiling that is accessible from the next room after killing all the enemies.


This particular code unlocks the Sentinel Armor for the player permanently for a whole mission. Players can find it on the “Cultist Base” level in the room with several hanging cages. Once all the enemies are dead, simply explore the central cage by swinging onto the raised platform. 

Instant Stagger Mode

The Instant Slagger Mode cheat is located in “Nekravol Part II” and will allow the player to stagger a demon by hitting it with any attack, giving them a few brief seconds of safety. The code is one of the easiest to find as it is located right at the start of the level. You just have to jump back into the elevator and turn around to find a tunnel containing the disc.

All Runes

The All Runes cheat is located in the “Fortress of Doom” level. It gives the player access to all of the upgrades they would usually get when collecting the hidden runes in each location. You need two Sentinel Batteries and must travel to the location of the original Praetor Suit. Below that room is a secret chamber that you have to jump into.

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Ammo is another useful but self-explanatory cheat code. Located in the “Super Gore Nest” where the player has to put the colored keys that they have collected. The disc is on top of a pipe that can be accessed from the opposite side of the platform.


The IDKFA cheat is located in a laundromat that can be accessed in the “Arc Complex” level. This area is located just after the part where you first see the Slayer Gate and will require you to jump up to an open window in the surrounding buildings and then swing into a visible hole in the ground.

Powerup Mode: Onslaught

Allowing the Onslaught power-up to be used continuously for the entire mission, this cheat is found on the “Mars Core” level. Immediately after you land on the planet’s surface you will notice a room filled with tentacles. The disc is behind a hole in the wall of this room.


Silver Bullet Mode

Found on the “Doom Hunter Base” level, Silver Bullet Mode will enable instant kills when shooting any enemy that is staggered. Around the midpoint of the level, there will be a cylindrical tube that you can climb. Reaching the top of the cylinder will reveal the secret disc.

Fully Upgraded Suit

This code unlocks every perk for the Praetor armor suit without the need to find the individual perks. Like several other cheats, you can find it in the “Fortress of Doom” overworld that acts as a hub for the campaign. It is not very hidden and it is clear to see at the front of the ship forcing you to shoot a red target above to reach it. 

Powerup Mode: Overdrive

Players will have to load the “Taras Nabad” level in order to unlock this cheat, which permanently activates the Overdrive power-up. After going the catacombs in this mission you will find a giant dead titan. Just before this is a room filled with barrels and a breakable wall. The cheat is located behind this section of the room. 

Famine Mode

Unlike many of the other cheats, this one actually makes things harder as enemies no longer drop health or armor when they die. Found in the “Nekravol” mission, players have to get through most of the level to access it. Near the end, you’ll encounter a Marauder after going through a room with a spike machine. The hidden disc is on a platform below two cages on the right of the corridor.

Powerup Mode: Berserk

You can find this cheat on the “Urdak” level just after you fix the second of the teleporter rings. Just go out of the control room and turn to your left to see an opening in the rocks. Swinging down to the ledge will reveal the cheat. 

QuakeCon Mode

Fortunately, this cheat doesn’t need any fancy platforming or a difficult search. Instead, players get access to it after progressing through the campaign and unlocking all of the Praetor suit upgrades. It enables an invisible audience that will cheer you on through the campaign. 

Party Mode

Party Mode clearly takes inspiration from the Grunt Birthday Party skull in Halo. It forces demons to blow up in a shower of confetti. The disc is in the second part of the “Nekravol” level and can be tricky to access. You must fall down an opening at the bottom of the Soul Spire. However, it also involves attempting to break open a crack in the wall to access a ledge to grab the cheat.

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