Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Trophy Guide

May 6, 2021

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a Metroidvania game inspired by Castlevania. In fact, developer ArtPlay even considers the title as a spiritual successor to the series. Released in 2019, it has since become one of the most popular games in the genre. But like other entries in the genre, it is a challenging experience and getting all of the trophies in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is no easy task.

Thankfully, this Bloodstained trophy guide, which also works effectively as an achievement guide for Bloodstained, should help players get to grips with exactly what they have to do. Follow these steps and you should be able to get that elusive Bloodstained platinum trophy.

Here is a list of all 45 trophies in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and how to get them.


Collect every other trophy.

This is probably the most straightforward of all the trophies in the Bloodstained trophy list, as it simply requires completing every other one on this list.


Complete the map.

In order to fully complete the map, players will have to finish the story and get access to every area of the castle. This should mean players also have every special ability and all of the required keys. 

Item Collector

Complete the item list.

This trophy involves collecting every single item available in the game and may be one of the most time-consuming in this Bloodstained trophy guide. Completing the item list is made easier as players can check what they have found at any time from the menu in the archives.

To get every item players must:

  • Create all potion supplies
  • Cook every meal
  • Collect every ingredient, supply, and material
  • Craft every type of bullet
  • Find or create every armor, accessory, and piece of clothing


Complete the demon list.

This trophy involves slaying at least one of every type of enemy in the game. The Kunekune is likely the most difficult to kill as it can remain hidden unless the player sits on a seat in the train for around a minute. 


Absorb every type of shard.

For this trophy, players will have to collect every type of shard in the game. They don’t have to remain in the player’s inventory though so they can be freely sold after being picked up. The vast majority of shards can be collected by killing enemies, although a few require alchemy to create.


Jump kick 10 times without touching the ground.

The easiest way to get this trophy is to simply find a large enemy and then chain a number of jump kicks on it without touching the ground.


Travel 42.195 kilometers.

This trophy will likely be obtained during normal gameplay and players can check their progress in the Personal Data section of the archives from the pause menu.

Gilded Youth

Amass a fortune of at least 500,000 G.

Collecting this amount of gold can be a difficult and time-consuming task, so is best left until the main story has been completed. Players should sell any shards and unwanted items they have collected. Players can also quickly collect large amounts of gold from candles with the Augment Gold shard activated.

True Haggler

Earn at least 100,000 G in total item sales.

This is another trophy that should come relatively naturally during normal gameplay. If players don’t have it when completing the story, simply sell all collected items and shards for it to unlock.

Dare to Devour

Consume 20 different recipes.

Players should try to cook and eat as many different meals as possible during the main story, as they can increase important stats. The best way to get new recipes is to find hidden recipe books. 

Arvantville’s Angel

Complete 30 quests.

There are various characters that players can complete quests for in Bloodstained. They include Lindsay, Susie, and Benjamin. Simply complete as many quests as possible from each of the NPCs and this trophy will unlock.


Take in a large quantity of blood.

The exact amount of blood necessary to unlock this trophy is 1000L. Players should use the blood steal shard and collect large amounts of blood from bosses and powerful enemies. It is possible to keep track of how much blood you have collected from the archives.

Growing Pains

Reach level 50.

Most players will unlock this through natural progression but those struggling can use items that boost experience gain and then kill multiple powerful enemies to farm experience.

Army of the Night

Thank you, everyone, for your endless kindness and support.

Unlocking this trophy involves getting the true ending to the game and then watching the entire credits at the end of the story.


Eradicate the king of demons.

After defeating Gremory, players can use the dimension shift to teleport to the Glacial tomb area. To unlock the trophy, it’s necessary to defeat both Dominique and Bael.


Backstep, backstep, backstep. A lot.

Unlocking this trophy requires backstepping several times by pressing L1 in quick successes.

Able Alchemist

Transmute items 10 times.

For this trophy, players can transmute 10 items, whether they are the same or different is not important.


Absorb your first shard.

This will unlock naturally while playing the game and defeating enemies.

Treasure Hunter

Open 100 chests.

An easy way to get this trophy is to continually open blue chests, as they refill once you leave the area.

Demon Hunter

Slay 1,000 demons.

This is another trophy that will come during normal gameplay.

Make a Wish

Break 1,000 candleholders.

Similar to the previous trophy, players will likely get this while completing the story. But it is also possible to farm candleholders by leaving an area and forcing them to respawn.

Down Pat

Master a weapon technique.


To learn new techniques, players have to read books found on bookshelves around the castle. Once a technique has been learned, it is necessary to use it to kill enemies to fill up the mastery bar.


Borrow 10 books.

Players simply have to find O.D. and ask to borrow books from him.

Scrap Heaper

Break down items into materials 10 times.

To dismantle items, players will have to either buy or find alkahest and then talk to Johannes.

Might’ve Known

Destroy a secret wall.

Players will unlock this trophy while exploring the map and finding secret areas.

A New You

Change your hairstyle.

To change the protagonist’s hairstyle, players will have to find the Killer Barber Todd near the Dian Cécht Cathedral.

Déjà vu

Bounce a certain chair repeatedly.

In an area beneath the room where O.D. resides, there is an opening that allows you to jump into his chair. Do this 10 times to unlock the trophy.


Listen to the faerie’s song.

Players must summon Carabosse and then sit at the piano in the Garden of Silence. Once Miriam starts to play the instrument, Carabosse will begin to sing. Let the song finish to unlock the trophy.

Storm Abolisher

Eradicate the cause of the maelstrom.

This trophy involves beating the boss at the end of the Galleon Minerva ship.

Samurai Showdown

Drive back the samurai.

This trophy involves beating the boss Zangetsu past the Garden of Silence near the Entrance.

Show of Hands

Eradicate the wrathful work of art.

Travel through Dian Cécht Cathedral and defeat the boss located at the end of the area. 

Wing Clipper

Eradicate the iron marquess.

Once the boss in Dian Cécht Cathedral has been defeated, players will be rewarded with the craftwork shard. This will allow players to move the glowing item in the Garden of Silence to provide access to the Towers of Twin Dragons. You must then go to Ex Machina and go through the library and defeat the boss in this location.

Snake Charmer

Eradicate the twin-headed dragon.

Once players have the double jump ability, players can get to the top of the Towers of Twin Dragon. Simply defeat the boss at the end of the area to unlock the trophy.

Loco Motive

Eradicate the runaway train.

A golden chest at the bottom of the second tower at the Towers of Twin Dragons contains silver bromide. Players must take this to Dominique and obtain a photograph from her. Take this to O.D. to get the necessary ID to ride the train with Zangetsu. The boss at the end of the train must be defeated within a five-minute time limit.

Speed Demon

Eradicate the hypersonic hellraiser.

This trophy is unlocked by defeating the boss located at the Underground Sorcery Lab.


Eradicate the netherdrake.

Completing the Underground Sorcery Lab area will give players the reflector ray, granting access to more areas in Livre Ex Machina. Killing the boss at the end of the library section will unlock the trophy.

Just a Flicker

Fulfill your promise to a friend.

Players should keep a save file before the final fight with Gebel to unlock the multiple endings available. To get this trophy, players must defeat Gebel without help from Zangetsuto.


Eradicate the bloodthirsty maiden.

To unlock this trophy, players should defeat the boss at the end of the upper area of the cathedral. 

Hermetically Sealed

Subdue the alchemist.

This trophy involves going to the Blood Fountain to open up the Forbidden Underground Waterway and killing enemies located there. Eventually, one will drop a glowing green shard that allows players to swim. The alchemist can be found in the Hidden Desert and once defeated this trophy will unlock.


Triumph over yourself.

Once players get access to the Secret Sorcery Lab and have the deep sinker ability, they can travel through the lab and beat the boss there to unlock this trophy.

Rodeo Star

Eradicate the skeletal demihorse.

This trophy unlocks when the boss at the end of the Inferno Cave is defeated.

His Blade

Inherit the blade that demons fear.

Players need to use the invert ability and the aegis plate to access the Oriental Sorcery Lab and defeat the boss.

All Bets Are Off

Eradicate the duke of high rollers.

To get access to the Den of Behemoths, players must fight Gebel with the katana and attack the moon once it turns red. After this, players can access a secret room near the Garden of Silence and fight the red moon with Zangetsuto to open up a portal. Defeat the boss located there to unlock the trophy.


Eradicate the mistress of the deathly moon.

Completing the Den of Behemoths will provide access to the Glacial Tomb where players can fight Gremory to unlock this trophy.


Observe the rise of the castle’s new master.

Equip Zangetsuto while fighting Gebel and kill the boss without attacking the moon. Gebel must be killed with Zangetsuto to obtain the trophy.

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