Code Vein Character Gift Guide

November 26, 2020

NPC in Code Vein can provide a number of benefits. The most obvious of them is the fact that they can accompany the player on quests. However, many NPCs also provide another useful service. Giving gifts to them in the form of valuables will reward the player with Trade Points. While this currency can be gained from other activities, such as killing enemies, giving gifts is an effective strategy.

However, it is not as simple as just giving a character any particular item. Different valuables have different trading values to the various NPCs. That means to get the most out of them, you have to know what each character’s preference is. Certain valuables can reward players with up to five Trade Points, while others will only give one. Following this Code Vein gift guide will give you the best idea of what items to trade to each of the characters.


Coco is unique in Code Vein as a character who can be accessed almost from the very start of the game. The female Merchant can be found in the Home Base and sells a variety of goods. In terms of trading Valuables, she will give a good amount of Trade Points for most items. The five best are Sushi Tacos, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Tomato Oden Sandwich, Aromatic Herbs, and Powerful Spices. Only a few should be avoided altogether, such as Protein Powder and Yellowed Book. Unfortunately, Coco doesn’t have any big prize for collecting many Trade Points. Although, she will provide access to various chromes, signs, and blends.


Like Coco, Davis can also be found in the Home Base. But this character specializes in maps and will help players travel to locations if he is brought the correct map. When it comes to gifting him items, players should focus on a specific set of five items. Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Antique LP Record, Classic Camera, Bugarally Doll, and Geisha Noodles will each award five Trade Points. Players can then use 10 Trade Points to get access to a variety of chromes, blends, and stamps.


Eva Rousis one of the companions in Code Vein who can follow the player as they adventure in the world. She can be recruited by creating the Harmonia Vestige and defeating the Successor of the Throat boss. Only three Valuables will give five Trade Points when traded with Eva. These are Flower Seeds, Geisha Noodles, and Tomato Oden Sandwich. Everything else will either offer three, two, or even one Trading Point. Players can then exchange 50 Trade Points to get access to her bayonet rifle known as the Libertador.


Jack Rutherford is another companion and the partner of Eva. Found in the Crown of Sand, he will become a member of your party after completing the area. He can then accompany users and fight alongside them. Like Eva, Jack only has three Valuables that can be gifted for five Trade Points. These are Sushi Tacos, Aged Brandy, and Bugarally Doll. Meanwhile, Board Game, Faded Comics, Well-Worn Tool, and Stuffed Toy will only award one Trading Point. Once you have acquired 50 Trade Points, they can be exchanged for Executioner, his giant one-handed sword.



Louis is a young revenant leader that can be recruited in the Ruined City underground section. Handing over Faded Comics, Yellowed Book, or Tomato Oden Sandwich will reward the player with five Trade Points. However, it is also possible to get four Trade Points for both Regen Inducer and Ichor Concentrate. Players should avoid gifting Louis the Stuffed Toy, Classic Camera, or Aromatic Herbs. Collecting 50 Trade Points and exchanging them with Louis will grant access to the Enduring Crimson sword.


Io can be found in the underground of the Ruined City. The three best Valuables to hand over to the character include Curious Novelty, Tomato Oden Sandwich, and Local Pennant. Each will award five Trade Points to the player. However, others such as Sushi Tacos, Fancy Cologne, Fireproof Tonic, Yellowed Book, and Fragrant Tea will provide four Trade Points. Things like Daggers and Expensive Cigars should be kept and traded with another NPC. Once the player has collected 50 Trade Points, they can acquire Io’s Dammerung weapon.


Players can recruit Mia Karnstein in the Howling Pit just before entering the Cathedral. The companion will then join forces with the protagonist. Although only two Valuables will provide five Trade Points when gifted to her. These are Aromatic Herbs and Fragrant Tea. Mia also has a long list of items that can only be exchanged for one Trade Point. These are Faded Comics, Local Pennant, Pungent Cheese, and Antique Coin. That might make it difficult to acquire the necessary 50 Trade Points to acquire the bayonet rifle Brodiaea from her.


Rin Murasame is a sort of blacksmith who will happily upgrade your weapons and transform gear. She can be found in the Home Base alongside the other merchants. She will give five Trade Points for being gifted three Valuables. These are Board Game, Retro Game, and Bugarally Doll. Additionally, the seller will also give four Trade Points for Ichor Concentrate. Murasame also has 12 items that should be traded with other characters. She has no big weapon as a reward but instead offers chromes, blends, and stamps.


The final character in this gift guide for Code Vein is Yakumo Shinonome. This companion can be found at the Home Base and is available from near the start of the game. Gifting her Boutique Sake, Bugarally Doll, or Aged Brandy will give players five Trade Points. But handing over any games, toys, or vaccines will also provide three Trade Points. Swapping 50 Trade Points will award the player the two-handed sword known as Oni Bane.

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