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February 9, 2021

Control is a fantastic action game with a great story and fun gameplay. The story is definitely worth seeing to the end, but you may find yourself committed to earning the PS4 platinum trophy for Control. In order to do so, you will have to seek out all 47 trophies that Control has to offer. 

Fortunately, the achievements in Control are pretty straightforward. However, some are a little tricky, so this trophy guide for Control will be useful!

Director of the FBC 

This is Control’s platinum trophy! This is unlocked after earning all of the other trophies.

Master Parautilitarian 

Players will achieve this gold trophy by unlocking 100% of the ability upgrades. This may take a bit of grinding, but each upgrade makes the game much more fun.

Bureau Archivist 

This trophy requires the player to gather 120 collectibles. While Control actually has 250 collectibles to be found, less than half of those are needed. That makes this trophy pretty easy!

Take Control 

This trophy is achieved after completing Mission 10. As it is part of the main story, it is one of the simpler Control trophies to get. 

Non-Standard Issue 

Upgrading any weapon form to level 3 is the key to obtaining this trophy. 

Upgrades in Control are crafted using “Source.” This material is typically looted from fallen enemies. This is another easy trophy, as the game walks you through the process early on. 

Career Development 

Unlocking all 3 personal mod slots unlocks the Career Development trophy. It’s wise to do this early, as it makes the game much easier. 

FBC Crisis Solution Task Force 

The player will have to complete 15 side missions for this trophy.

There are 18 total side missions in Control, however the achievement only asks for 15. The player will more than likely just stumble onto them naturally. Side missions are triggered when speaking to NPCs and interacting with the FBC’s odd collectibles.

Paranatural Collection 

Collecting more than 100,000 source unlocks this achievement. It sounds like a steep price, but completing the next trophy certainly helps to obtain all of that source.

Interdimensional Defender 

The player must kill 1,000 Hiss for this trophy.

The Hiss are the primary enemies of Control. The player will run into them naturally as they explore the FBC. The source that they drop will definitely contribute to the 100,000 needed for the “Paranatural Collection” trophy. 

Discerning the Pattern 

This trophy will unlock when the player cleanses 25 Control Points.

Control Points are the game’s version of checkpoints. They allow for fast travel and upgrades, among some other neat features. Players will have to battle in order to cleanse them, but it is most definitely worth it to do so. There are 29 Control Points found in the game, but the trophy only asks for 25 of them.

Astral Phenomena

Defeating the boss known as “Former” will unlock this trophy. 

This boss battle is really cool, but it can be dangerous. A good way to fight this monster will be to hurl anything with reach at it. Of course, Former will begin firing balls of energy in defense. Luckily, they can be shot down or dodged in order to avoid taking damage.

Just be sure not to fall into the floor! Doing so will result in an automatic game over. 

Crisis Management

The player must complete 5 Bureau Alerts for this achievement.

“Bureau Alerts” are random events where the Hiss run rampant through the FBC. As the Director, the player has to step in and clean things up. The twist is that these events are both random and timed. 

As Bureau Alerts are both random and difficult, it is important to be fully prepared before going into one. Once the player dies, the Bureau Alert is over and they will have to wait for the next one to come around. 

Astral Technician

The next item in the Control trophy guide is Astral Technician. This achievement will be unlocked by completing 25 “Board Countermeasures.”

Board Countermeasures are basically combat challenges. Players will be expected to defeat enemies in specific ways or clear certain areas of enemies. These are a bit easier than Bureau Alerts, as there is no time limit. Players can also use these challenges to farm for materials and source.

Astral Construction

This trophy will be achieved when the player constructs a weapon form or mod. This will be done by simply playing the game.

The importance of Synergy

Players will need to complete 5 side missions for this trophy.

Inter-Departmental Cooperation

Like the previous trophy, this achievement will require 10 completed side missions. 


This easy trophy will be unlocked after unlocking 1 ability tree upgrade. 

Expert Parautilitarian

Unlocking 50% of the ability tree upgrades is the requirement for this trophy. It marks the halfway point for the “Master Parautilitarian” trophy, as well.

Choose to be Chosen

Players will need to obtain the Service Weapon for this achievement. This is a story trophy, so it will be unlocked naturally. 

Paranatural Powerhouse

This trophy pops once players gain the Launch ability. This will occur after the first encounter with an Object of Power in the story.

Insular Telekinesis

Players will unlock this trophy after obtaining the Shield ability. This is another story related trophy.

Shifting Positions

This is another ability trophy that is unlocked by playing the story. Obtaining the Evade ability triggers the trophy to pop. 

Psychic Occupation

Obtaining the Compel ability is the requirement for this trophy. This ability will be unlocked by completing the side mission titled “Captive Audience.” 


This side quest can be triggered during the fourth story mission titled “Old Boy’s Club.” Towards the end of this main quest, players will be prompted to speak to an NPC via intercom. Before doing so, they will need to interact with a collectible file found nearby. Doing so will trigger the “Captive Audience” side quest.

Rising Thought

Players will unlock this trophy by obtaining the Levitate ability. This ability is tied to the main story, so it will unlock naturally. 

Ritualistic Thinking

Players will need to cleanse 5 Control Points to unlock this trophy.

Ritual Intuition

Cleansing 10 Control Points is the requirement for this achievement. This trophy will be grabbed as players work their way towards the “Discerning the Pattern” trophy. 

Strange Collection

Players will obtain this trophy once they find 40 collectibles. 

Record Keeper

Gathering 80 collectibles will unlock this trophy. Players will be well on their way to the 120 collectibles required for the “Bureau Archivist” trophy by this point.

Altered Manifestations May Occur

This trophy is tied to a secret boss fight. Defeating the fierce esseJ boss will unlock the achievement.

The boss is found within the side mission titled “Self-Reflection.” Players can trigger the mission by interacting with the Mirror Supplement collectible found in the Containment Sector. This collectible can be obtained during or after the seventh main mission titled “The Face of the Enemy.”

However, players will need to be prepared to face esseJ, as this boss can be pretty tricky. Keeping a safe distance and using Launch to grab and return the missiles launched at Jesse is a good tactic.

Aggressive Growth

Players will need to conquer the boss known as Mold-1 for this trophy. The Mold-1 boss fight will be found within the side mission titled “Old Growth.” Emily Pope will eventually give this mission to the player as the story progresses.

However, players should note that Mold-1 is a pretty challenging boss, some would even say that it’s best left for the end-game. Using a “Health Boost” mod for Jesse may help, as this boss doesn’t drop any healing orbs. Also, having the Launch ability maxed out will allow the player to grab and return the pink projectiles at Mold-1.

If the boss continues winning, then coming back with higher level abilities and better personal mods may help.

Head of Communications

This is another boss fight trophy. Players will be going up against Mr. Tommasi in this encounter.

Mr. Tommasi will first be encountered during the main story, but will always escape before he can be defeated. However, the boss will then be found in the side mission titled “Mr. Tommasi.” This mission will be offered to players by Emily Pope, as she sends the player to the Turntable area to finish the boss at last.

Tommasi will be a bit more difficult this time around due to the layout of the room. Using a high-damage weapon form such as Pierce will break his armor effectively. Although, if players are quick enough, using Launch to return his projectiles is a decent tactic, as well.

Once half of Tommasi’s lifebar is gone, exploding enemies will begin spawning. This is where the fight gets really annoying, so players will need to be very careful in this section.

Living Archetypes

The final boss trophy involves defeating the Anchor. The Anchor boss will be found after completing the side quest titled “A Matter of Time.” The quest will be found in Logistics after the player investigates the cries for help coming from the area.

The Anchor is a much easier boss than the others found in the guide. This enemy only has one attack that is easy to dodge. The trick is to launch projectiles once the boss opens up to actually do the attack. The player simply needs to repeat that tactic until it is defeated.

Welcome to the Oldest House

This trophy marks the stretch of achievements related to the main story. Players will obtain this trophy by completing the first main mission.

Unknown Caller

Players will unlock this trophy by finishing the second main mission.

Directorial Override

This trophy is gained from completing the third main mission.

Old Boys’ Club

Completing the fourth main mission is the key to unlocking this trophy.


Players will find this trophy following the conclusion of the fifth main mission. This also marks the halfway point of the game!

My Brother’s Keeper

The sixth main mission will unlock this achievement. 

The Face of the Enemy

Players unlock this achievement after the seventh main mission.

Finnish Tango

This trophy is reserved for the eighth main mission of Control. 


This trophy is obtained near the end of the game! Simply complete the ninth main mission to receive this trophy.

Cognitive Intruder

This trophy requires players to use the Seize ability to compel 10 enemies. This is definitely a helpful tactic during combat, so most players will get it naturally.

Unstable Matter

Killing 50 enemies with the Launch ability earns players this trophy. Seeing as Launch is one of the most useful abilities in the game, this is an easy trophy to grab.

Volatile Debris

Players will unlock this trophy after killing 10 enemies using their Shield Burst ability. 

Proper Handling Procedures

This trophy asks the player to use their Launch ability to throw a grenade or rocket back at their enemies.

War Games

Completing 5 Board Countermeasures unlocks this trophies. This trophy will count towards the 25 completed Board Countermeasures needed for the “Astral Technician” trophy.

First on the Scene

Completing 1 Bureau Alert is the requirements for this Trophy. This also counts towards the 5 Bureau Alerts needed for the “Crisis Management” trophy.

The path to the Control platinum trophy can get a little confusing. However, this handy guide may just help you become the Director of the FBC!

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