Dead Cells: How to Find All 3 Gardener’s Keys and Get the Explosive Crossbow

April 30, 2021

There are plenty of awesome secrets in Motion Twin’s 2017 Roguelike game Dead Cells, including the blueprint for the Explosive Crossbow. Our guide will walk you through finding the different Gardener’s key locations to help unlock the blueprint for this sweet weapon.

Dead Cells Gardener’s key locations

Tower Key

The first Dead Cells Gardener’s key is the Tower Key. Find the high tower in Promenade of the Condemned. (Keep in mind that you’ll need the Spider Rune from defeating the Caster in the Slumbering Sanctuary to get in.) Climbing and jumping the walls will help you find the Tower Key at the top.

Underground Key

The next Gardener’s key in Dead Cells is the Underground Key. When you’re in the promenade, use Ram Rune to do a ground pound on the weak areas near the orange symbol. This will give you access to the Underground Key.


Background Key

The Background Key is the final item you need to get the Explosive Crossbow in Dead Cells. Try to clear all enemies out of the area and then examine the background art near the ground. Look closely and you will see a darkened rose flower. If you pound the ground three times, you’ll find the Background Key.

With all three keys, you can teleport back to the tower and open the three locked doors. Congrats: you can now grab the Explosive Crossbow blueprint!

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