How to Recruit Every Companion in The Outer Worlds

January 19, 2021

The Outer Worlds is a fun action RPG that introduces the player to many great characters. The companions of The Outer Worlds are not only well-written and fun, but also very useful to have on your team. That is, if you know where to find them.

As such, we’ve put together this handy little guide to help players find all companions in The Outer Worlds. Here is how to recruit every companion in The Outer Worlds.


Parvati is one of the best companions in The Outer Worlds. She’s awkward, funny, and can really pack a punch when things get tough. She is also one of the first companions that The Outer Worlds offers to players. 

She can be found in the Saltuna Cannery on Edgewater. She’s pretty hard to miss, as the main story places you in direct contact with her.

Following a conversation with Reed Tobson, the player will be given a quest to find a power regulator. Parvati is just nice enough to offer a hand in helping out. Technically, she recruits you in a way!

This companion offers some melee damage to your party. This is beneficial for players who go for a more ranged approach to combat. She also brings the Overload ability to the party, as well as +10 Engineering whenever she’s your companion.

Vicar Max

The next companion that The Outer Worlds sets up is Vicar Max. This business-oriented believer is found in Edgewater’s church not far from where you meet Parvati. She even points you in his direction shortly after she becomes a companion.

The first thing that the player will need to do is speak to the Vicar. This triggers the side quest called “The Illustrated Manual.” Completing the quest and turning it in to him furthers his personal story. This allows the player to recruit him for the party. 

While there’s far more to Max than first impressions would suggest, his party benefits are immediately apparent. Armed with his huge shotgun, his Trickshot ability allows him to make quick work of enemies. He also gives a +10 Hack skill when in the party.


One of The Outer Worlds’ most useful companions is a medic! Ellie can be found at the Medbay aboard the Groundbreaker. To be more specific, the Medbay is near the Spacer’s Choice vendor. Ellie will be the one making a scene with the receptionist.

Much like the good Vicar, speaking with Ellie will trigger a side quest. Completing the “Worst Contact” quest will allow Ellie to join the crew. 

Once she decides to tag along with the player, she puts her trusty pistol to use with the Quick Draw perk. She also provides a +10 bump to the Medical skill. 



Sometimes help finds you! Felix is a companion who is pretty hard to miss, as he hangs around outside of the player’s ship before leaving the Groundbreaker. Of course, you’ll have to actually earn the right to leave the Groundbreaker before he shows up.

Seeing as the follower is in the middle of a heated argument, players will simply have to take his side on the matter to recruit him.

Felix uses weapons just fine, but his Dropkick ability causes him to run towards an enemy and kick them (hence the name). Players will also enjoy a bit of extra charisma when adventuring with Felix. He gives us +10 points to the Persuade skill when in the party.


Stellar Bay on Monarch is where the next companion in The Outer Worlds will be found. Nyoka can be found in the Yacht Club Bar suffering from a terrible hangover.

Despite the obvious situation that Nyoka is in, it’s clear to see that Nyoka could provide some much needed muscle to the party. To add her to the crew, you’ll have to help her sober up in the side quest “Passion Pills.”

Once that mess is cleared up, Nyoka will add her heavily modified LMG to the crew. Using the Barrage ability, she’ll target an unfortunate foe and light them up while also tossing some fire to anyone around the target. Players will also get a bit more dishonest, as she adds +10 to the Lie skill.


Friends can always be closer than you’d think. The player will have to travel to the second deck of the Unreliable in order to find this follower. SAM will be tucked away in a storage compartment awaiting your assistance.

Adding this trusty cleaning machine to the crew will be worth it for the character interactions alone. Like a lot of the other companions in The Outer Worlds, SAM will be recruited after a side quest. Complete “The Cleaning Machine” quest in order to fix your new buddy up as good as new. 

SAM will add some toxicity to your party, as his Decontaminate ability infects foes with harmful cleaning solutions. Plus, having an optimistic murder bot on your side grants a +10 to the Intimidate skill for those days when the player feels extra grumpy.

By using each of The Outer Worlds’ followers wisely, players can make their experience with the game much better. Fully exploring the stories and powers that they possess can make even the toughest situation a lot less troublesome to work through!

Who is your favorite companion in The Outer Worlds? Tell us in the comments below!

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