SCUM Map: Where to Find the Bunkers

April 23, 2021

SCUM is one of the most popular online survival games, despite the fact that it has not officially launched yet. The title has been in early access on Steam since 2018 and is set for a full release sometime in 2021. It sees players attempting to survive and eventually escape a deadly island that is being run by an entertainment company for the latest season of its reality television series.

As more users come to SCUM, it’s more important than ever that as many people are familiar with the game. That includes knowing the best locations for securing new loot and items. Some of the best areas for getting high-level gear are bunkers. But without a bunker map for SCUM, most players might struggle to ever find them reliably.

Why are bunkers so valuable?

Bunkers are basically just underground military bases that store gear. They are usually guarded by sentries and mechs, making them dangerous to approach without being cautious. Players will also likely have to fight off hidden zombies inside the bunkers. But they almost always contain plenty of weapons, ammunition, and equipment, alongside special items such as clothing. That makes SCUM bunkers almost always worth exploring. 

Where are the bunker locations for SCUM?

This SCUM game map courtesy of should give players a good idea of where each bunker can be located. Using the SCUM bunker map will help with understanding the general locations of the best loot spots in SCUM where everyone should explore while playing.


A second SCUM map, which was recently made available on Reddit, can also be used for a variety of other reasons as an added bonus. This includes showing the location of SCUM military bases and other important map locations in SCUM. These additional spots essentially make it a valuable SCUM loot map, showing exactly where all the best gear can be found in matches.

How big is the map in SCUM?

The SCUM map is 12×12 km. In the video below, it took 35 minutes for the player to drive across the map.

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