The Best Strategies for Winning Fall Guys

August 27, 2020

Since its launch in early August, Fall Guys has become one of the year’s biggest games. The title puts a unique spin on the battle royale genre. Rather than face off in combat, players compete in a series of game show mini-games. Throughout each round, users are eliminated until there is eventually just one winner.

With colorful graphics, a cute art style, and deceptively simple gameplay, Fall Guys has proven to be incredibly popular. But to be successful, players need to combine skill with a small amount of luck. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways you can improve your chances of ranking as high as possible.

Here are the best strategies and tips for winning Fall Guys.

Make yourself familiar with the different rounds

There are lots of different rounds in Fall Guys. These range from team-based games to individual efforts that pit you against 59 other competitors. What mini-games come up in every round is random. In fact, there are a total of 24 different rounds that could show up.

So, it is important to get familiar with all the possibilities you could face in each match. This will obviously come naturally as you continue to play the game, but just be certain to pay attention. That way, there will be no surprises that will throw you off.

Don’t always rush in races

The first instinct of players in racing games is to speed off as quickly as possible. After all, races are fundamentally about getting to the finish line in the shortest amount of time. But when it comes to Fall Guys, being first out the block may not be the best strategy. That’s because most players will trip over each other or get stuck on obstacles almost immediately. By waiting for just a few moments, you can avoid these fallen competitors and find a clear path.

Remember to dive rather than just jump

Many players in Fall Guys don’t seem to know that you can dive as well as jump. But diving is an essential skill that you need to master in order to consistently perform well. Firstly, diving will allow you to get some extra distance. This can make tricky jumps far easier if you can get the timing right. Another great benefit of diving is that you won’t get jostled by other players. This can be useful in rounds such as Door Dash.

Keep an eye on other players

While it might seem like you should just concentrate on what you are doing, it can pay to watch others. On stages or rounds that you are not familiar with, peeking at what other players are doing can be helpful. Chances are that if lots of people are going in one direction or avoiding an area, you should be too. Of course, this can be particularly useful early on when you are new to the game. Don’t feel like it’s cheating to look at what everyone else is doing.


Make use of the grab button

Pretty much the only other gameplay mechanic in Fall Guys is the grab feature. This lets players grab hold of other competitors with their hands. A perfectly-timed grab can really put others at a disadvantage. Races are a good example, giving you the chance to pull someone back and gain a few precious seconds.

However, the best way to use a grab is when someone is trying to jump. Grabbing them at this point will almost certainly end in them falling to their deaths. That makes it very useful in many rounds.

Work as a team when required

The team games in Fall Guys cannot be won if everyone plays solo. These types of rounds pretty much require you to work together with your teammates. Although this can be difficult, especially when not everyone is using a mic, it’s best to stay as a group. Don’t split off from everyone else. Instead, try to stay together in small groups of just a couple of people or as an entire team. That way you should have a better chance of being successful.

Learn to forget about defeats quickly

Just like every other battle royale game, Fall Guys is not all about skill. No matter how good a player is, they will be unlikely to win every single round. That’s because these types of titles require a good deal of luck. In the case of Fall Guys, it’s even more true.

After all, the game also features team rounds that randomly match you up with other players. If your teammates are not up to scratch, then progressing will be difficult. So, it is important to be able to forget about losses and move onto the next challenge as quickly as possible.

Use the camera as much as possible

Despite the fact that it can be fiddly, Fall Guys does have a wide view camera. Moving this around to change your perspective is very important. Being fully aware of all your surroundings is a huge advantage. This is even more true in rounds like Perfect Match, where you have to memorize fruit symbols on the ground. Seeing as many different tiles as possible will help you know where is the best platform to go to. But it also will help on almost every round, giving you a better overview of the obstacles and people in your way.

What is your best tip for winning Fall Guys? Share in the comments below!

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