The Forest Cheats Guide for PS4 and PC

November 26, 2020

The Forest has quickly become one of the most popular survival games since launching in 2018. Taking place on a remote island after a plane crash, players have to try and stay alive. This involves crafting essential items, fighting off threats, and building shelters to protect against the wilderness. Because of that, getting to the end of the story is no easy task. With everything on the island almost designed to kill you, surviving for any length of time is a real challenge. Unless, of course, you use some console commands or cheat codes for The Forest.

For those who have ever wondered how to fly in The Forest or get a full inventory, this guide should help. Players simply need to look through the article to discover some interesting hints and hacks for staying alive. It will not only list the best cheats for the PC and PS4 versions of The Forest but also tell you exactly how to use them.

How to use cheats in The Forest

Several key cheats can be used in The Forest without using console commands. These game modifiers simply need to be typed into the main menu. Players won’t get any indication that the cheat is active. However, if you go into a game, the modifier will be applied and will work automatically. For PS4 users, the same process works; the process is just a little more involved. That’s because you will have to plug a USB keyboard into the console to type out the codes.

The cheats you can use at the title screen

Typing the following codes at the title screen will activate some interesting modifiers. Make sure to type them exactly as they appear below with capital letters and without spaces. The codes are all bolded to separate them from their descriptions.

  • Meatmode — this disables all previously entered cheats
  • Ironforest — makes buildings immune to all damage
  • Regrowmode — one in every 10 trees that have been cut down will grow back during sleep
  • Rawmeatmode — the save file will automatically delete if you die, causing permanent death
  • Woodpaste — holes created by the player are reset
  • Veganmode — enemies now only appear in caves
  • Vegetarianmode — enemies now only appear during the night

Console commands in The Forest

Unfortunately, console commands can only be used in the PC version of The Forest. The PS4 edition cannot be put into developer mode, so the command box is not accessible. To enable console commands players have to type developermodeon at the title screen, as with the previously mentioned cheats. Then press F1 to toggle the console box. Players can then type in the commands, cycle through previous commands by pressing Z, and check stats by pressing C.


Back up your save files

Before entering any console commands, it might be a good idea to back up save files. Unlike the game modifiers, console command cheats have a bigger effect and can alter game files. That could lead to important data being lost or the game breaking. Without a backup, this could mean that progress might be lost. So, before using console commands please be aware of the risks and take necessary precautions. 

The best console commands to use

These are the console commands that are most useful to use during normal gameplay. Type them exactly as they appear below. Commands that have the word “on” in them can be deactivated. Players just have to type the command again with “off” replacing “on” in the box.

  • addallitems — gives player every item other than story items
  • addallstoryitems — gives the player every story item
  • buildallghosts — builds all blueprints that have been placed
  • buildermode on — provides access to all items and removes all enemies while also turning off survival mode
  • buildhack on — turns on creative mode by providing unlimited resources and quick building
  • cavelight on — makes caves light up more
  • cutdowntrees 100% — cuts down the desired percentage of trees
  • cutgrass 10 — cuts all grass in the stated radius
  • enemies on — turns off all enemies such as mutants and cannibals
  • forcerain heavy — makes it rain so you can fill up water collectors
  • forcerain sunny — turns off the rain and makes it sunny
  • Godmode on — player cannot take damage and has unlimited stats such as stamina and hunger
  • itemhack on — provides unlimited amount of held items
  • save — saves the game regardless of your location or progress
  • speedyrun on — turns on super fast sprinting and enables high jumping
  • survival on — turns survival mode on

Other console commands that are available

There are also other console commands that are not incredibly useful in normal gameplay. However, they can trigger interesting effects that you might want to use.

  • advanceday — skips the day forward by one
  • animals on — turns animals on
  • fakehitplayer — lets you hit another player in multiplayer without causing any damage
  • goto x y z — teleports the player to the desired location with x,y, and z replaced with numbered coordinates
  • help — displays all available commands
  • invisible on — makes the player invisible
  • killallanimals — kills all the animals in the game but they will respawn
  • killlocalplayer — kills nearby players in multiplayer games
  • poison — poisons the player as if they have been hit by a poison arrow
  • revivelocaplayer — revives nearby players in multiplayer games
  • setcurrentday 1 — sets the day to the desired number
  • showgamestats — reveals all game stats, including how many enemies you have killed and how many buildings have been constructed

Clothing commands to expand your outfits

The following console commands will add the stated clothing item to your inventory. 

  • addClothingById 1 — Beanie 1
  • addClothingById 2 — Beanie 2
  • addClothingById 3 — Beanie 3
  • addClothingById 4 — Default Pants
  • addClothingById 5 — Black Pants
  • addClothingById 6 — Camo Pants
  • addClothingById 7 — Khaki Pants
  • addClothingById 8 — Beige Pants
  • addClothingById 9 — Blacksuit Full Body
  • addClothingById 10 — Dark Grey Full Hands
  • addClothingById 11 — Grey Full Hands
  • addClothingById 12 — Green Full Hands
  • addClothingById 13 — Shirt Closed Full Hands
  • addClothingById 14 — Jacket Low Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 15 — Leather-Jacket Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 17 — Shirt Open Partial Hands
  • addClothingById 18 — Darkblue Vest
  • addClothingById 19 — Dark Green Vest
  • addClothingById 20 — Colorful Vest
  • addClothingById 21 — Default Shirt
  • addClothingById 22 — Camo Shirt
  • addClothingById 23 — Wolf Shirt
  • addClothingById 25 — Blue Button-Up
  • addClothingById 26 — White Button-Up
  • addClothingById 27 — Grey Long-Sleeve
  • addClothingById 28 — Black V-Neck
  • addClothingById 29 — Stewardess Dress
  • addClothingById 30 — Bathrobe
  • addClothingById 31 — Bathrobe Outfit
  • addClothingById 32 — Tennis Outfit
  • addClothingById 33 — Pilot Uniform

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