The Witcher 3 Romance Guide

November 26, 2020

What is The Witcher 3 all about?

Some gamers might say “completing quests” and others might say “slaying monsters.” But for some players, the answer is simply “getting busy.”

Like many great RPGs, this game is full of different romance options. But if you want to hook your hero Geralt up with as many ladies as possible, you’ll need to know what to do and when to do it.

That’s where we come in. Our Witcher 3 romance guide will give you all the info you need to help your character get down and dirty all across the land!

The Witcher 3 romance options

Below, our guide gives you a breakdown of each possible option and how to achieve it. With it, you’ll be able to see all romances in The Witcher 3. First, though, let’s review all of your different options.

There are seven named characters that you can romance throughout the game. This includes:

  • Keira
  • Triss
  • Yennefer
  • Jutta
  • Madame Sasha
  • Shani (Hearts of Stone DLC)
  • Syanna (Blood and Wine DLC)

On top of these named characters, you can have some nameless flings in two different brothels in the game — Crippled Kate’s and Passiflora. As for those hoping for a Ciri romance in The Witcher 3, sorry: you’ll have to search for the right fan-fiction if that’s your thing!

Now that you know who you can (and cannot) seduce, let’s dive deep into what you must do for each romantic conquest.

Crippled Kate’s brothel

More interested in hooking Geralt up instead of romancing a specific lady? In that case, all you have to do is fork over 20 crowns at Crippled Kate’s brothel to trigger an intimate scene.

This does nothing to impact the plot or your various quests. But if you’re a romantic completionist or just someone who needs something else to do in Novigrad, this brothel is here for you.

Passiflora brothel

The Passiflora brothel is much like Crippled Kate’s. It’s also located in Novigrad, though a romantic encounter here is a bit more expensive.

A romantic encounter here will set you back 40 crowns. Is it really worth twice the price compared to Crippled Kate’s brothel? Only Geralt can judge that, and we have a feeling he won’t kiss and tell.

Keira Metz

Many quests stand between you and romancing Keira Metz. First, you must complete “Hunting a Witch” and “Wandering in the Dark” for the main storyline, which causes her to invite you for dinner. Accepting her invite, though, requires you to clear out a curse in the quest “A Towerful of Mice.”

After all of this, she gives you the quest “A Favor For a Friend.” Completing this triggers a fun moontime meal and a chance to become “friends with benefits” with Keira.

Triss Merigold

For many players, The Witcher 3 Triss romance is one of the most pivotal options in the game. That’s because pursuing her is a major choice: if you romance Triss Merigold in The Witcher 3, you basically lose out on the option of romancing Yennefer.

This romance is long and involved. You must complete “Counter Reuven’s Treasure” to get an invite to Triss’s hangout. Then, you must complete “A Matter of Life and Death.” This involves the two of you going to a party, and you can start putting the moves on her at this time, but you’ll get interrupted and need to pick things up later.

After the “Now or Never” sidequest, Triss makes plans to leave with the other sorcerers. This gives you a chance to ask her to stay for the sake of your love, but you need to make very specific dialogue choices.

If you want to be emotionally honest with Triss, tell Sigmund to “Stay out of other people’s affairs” before the Witch Hunter attack and then tell Triss “Stay with me” and “I love you.” If you then agree to listen to Sigmund’s love story, his story will be interrupted once you see that Triss stayed behind for you.

If you want to romance Triss without 100% committing to her, tell Sigmund “What the hell’re you talking about” before the Witch Hunter attack and then tell Triss “Stay with me” and “Let’s try again.” You can then chastise Sigmund instead of listening to his tale and you’ll see Triss waiting for you.

What happens next? If you avoid romancing Yennefer later on, then Triss becomes your happily ever after romance at the end of the game. If you didn’t fully commit and then later romance Yennefer, though, then she becomes your main squeeze by the end.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

The Witcher 3 Yennefer romance options are a bit different. That’s because you get two separate chances to hook up with her.


When you complete “The King Is Dead—Long Live the King,” you can tell Yennefer you’d like to kiss her while the room is filling with gas. And after the two of you escape, you can flirt more by saying that you’d like to watch her change.

Another chance for romance occurs with the “Last Wish” sidequest. Once you free the Djinn, you can tell Yennefer that you still have feelings for her. This gives you a sexy mountain hookup and a chance to hook up with her again during the “No Place Like Home” quest.

If you romance Yennefer instead of committing to Triss, then you get a happy ending of retiring with Yennefer at the end of the game. This is the same ending you will get if you romance Triss without committing to her and then romancing Yennefer. 

Jutta An Dimun

Compared to those epic romantic questions, hooking up with Jutta An Dimun is quite easy. It all starts with beating her in hand-to-hand combat.

If you are successful, simply visit her after the fact. This will trigger a romantic scene between the two characters.

Madame Sasha

On paper, romancing Madame Sasha is quite easy. But how easy it really comes down to how good you are at the game of Gwent.

To romance her, you must complete the “High Stakes” quest and beat Sasha. If you’re not great at Gwent, though, you can simply agree to help her out. Afterward, accept her invite to dinner and enjoy the romantic show!


Shani is only a romantic option if you have the Hearts of Stone DLC. And romancing her is simply enough compared to some of the other options.

After attending a wedding feast, you’ll unlock the quest “A Midnight Clear.” This quest is all about finding things that might cheer Shani up, and your enhanced Witcher senses (along with her character entry in your Journal) can help you find things (like Rowan berries and flowers) that she likes.

Bringing her a good gift and selecting romantic dialogue options will trigger the romantic cutscene. Certain dialogue differences can lead to minor cutscene differences. For a really funny cutscene alternative, try bringing her mead or brandy in order to cheer her up!


Syanna is only a romantic option if you have the Blood and Wine DLC. And romancing her is one of the more straightforward options in the game.

During “Beyond Hill and Dale,” Syanna will proposition you in a very direct manner. Once you climb the beanstalk and defeat the giants, Syanna will ask for you to help fulfill her “last wish.” Despite how sinister the game option “let her have her way with you” sounds, nothing bad happens if you complete this romance and trigger the cutscene.

Romancing both Triss and Yennefer

While the other flings are fun, The Witcher 3 mostly tries to get you to make a choice: Triss or Yennefer. But what happens if you try to romance them both?

It’s possible to hedge your bets and try to woo both ladies in equal measure, but it eventually bites you in the butt. After you help both ladies in Novigrad, they will suggest that you can have both of them in a sexy threesome. But if you agree, they will leave you naked and tied up at the Kingfisher Inn, forcing Dandelion to come rescue you.

If that isn’t bad enough, you will no longer have the option to end up with either gal. The message is clear: if you want a romantic “happily ever after” for Geralt, you need to make a choice and stick to it.

Triss or Yennefer: who is the better option?

Now you know that you must make a big choice in The Witcher 3: Triss or Yen? This has led to countless player debates about which one is the “right” choice. Unfortunately, there is no clearcut option.

Neither romance seriously impacts gameplay, for example. So choosing which lady to settle down with is largely a matter of personal player preference.

You could make an argument that the game pushes you more aggressively towards Yennifer. There are more opportunities to hook up, and players who came to this game after watching The Witcher Netflix series may be predisposed to see these characters hookup.

Compared to Yen, Triss is a more cerebral character, but that doesn’t keep sparks from flying between her and Geralt. Honestly, the best way to choose between the ladies is to decide what kind of ending you want Geralt to have.

In the Triss ending, she and Geralt end up moving to Kovir. There, Triss becomes a wealthy royal advisor and Geralt continues taking Witcher contracts.

In the Yennefer ending, things are a bit simpler: the two of them retire together so they can have a quiet life that is free of both violence and politics. Which ending you think Geralt would like best all comes down to your reading of his character.

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