Activision Blizzard CEO Gives His Personal Phone Number to 10,000 Employees

April 15, 2020

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick gave an interview on CNBC about how his company is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and how they are working to keep their employees healthy. In addition to standard measures (such as switching to remote work), Activision Blizzard applied non-standard measures as well.

For example, all employees (about 10,000 people) were sent an email with Kotick’s personal phone number about a month ago. They can call the Blizzard CEO directly in case someone is worried about health care issues.


According to Kotick, several hundred employees have contacted him so far. Only a “small number” of Blizzard employees have tested positive for coronavirus, says Kotick.

Kotick has increased the company’s health care options, including making private doctors available, paying for some employee drug co-pays, and offering telehealth options. Also, Activision Blizzard has partnered with organizations for additional mental-health care and for licensed child care.

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