Aliens FPS Featuring Adult Newt Almost Happened

February 11, 2020

Do you remember Newt from Aliens? That small girl who lost her parents and her older brother during an operation to bring the Facehuggers to the space colony? So, apparently there was almost a game where we play as a grownup Newt guided by Ellen Ripley and kill aliens.

Boss Key Productions co-founder Cliff Bleszinski revealed the details on Twitter this week. According to him, the game “got lost in the shuffle” when Disney bought Fox, which owned the Aliens franchise.

The game would have ignored any movies past Aliens (1986): it means Alien 3, Resurrection, Prometheus, and Covenant would be non-canonical to this game universe. The game was to have more action than Alien: Isolation although it was inspired by Isolation’s critical and commercial success.

The project was put on hold because Fox was purchased by Disney. But maybe there is still a chance: after all, Alien: Isolation was successful. Maybe Disney will find it useful to develop this universe further. Time will tell.

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