Amazon Sends Customers Condoms Instead of Nintendo Switch

December 6, 2019

Some Black Friday shoppers who ordered the Nintendo Switch on sale from Amazon UK were met with an unwelcome surprise. Over a dozen customers have reported receiving the wrong order on social media. Packages included random items such as condoms, toothbrushes, batteries, and even a tambourine instead of the Nintendo Switch.

Users said they were promised a refund within 24 hours, but many customers are not satisfied. Their orders were placed during the period of Black Friday discounts, and now the full price for Nintendo Switch is indicated on the site. Several disgruntled people even filed a fraud complaint to the police. In some cases, after Amazon agreed to send the game console, something else came instead again.


A representative of the company apologized and said that the incident is investigated. He advised the victims to contact the support service for help and promises to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

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