An Easy Mode in the PS5 Demon’s Souls Remake Almost Happened

November 19, 2020

The recent PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls almost launched with an easy mode, according to developer Bluepoint Games.

Speaking in an interview with The Washington Post, creative director Gavin Moore spoke about the possibility of an easier difficulty level in the title. He explained that there was talk of including an easy mode during development. However, the team ultimately decided against altering how challenging the gameplay actually is.

“This project remakes the work of another development team,” Moore says in the interview. “While we’ve made some changes, our core driving mantra has always been to preserve the spirit and intent of the original creators.


“While we considered and discussed an easy mode, we ultimately decided it wasn’t our place — merely being custodians for this amazing game — to add something that would fundamentally alter its balance.”

Before the launch of Demon’s Souls on PS5 last week, some fans had speculated that the remake might have options to lower the difficulty. The original title was notoriously hard — a trend that continued with FromSoftware’s subsequent games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. This has led to requests for an easy mode from certain fans to help make the game more accessible.

Demon’s Souls is available exclusively on PS5 around the world.

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