Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct Recap: All the Biggest Announcements

October 15, 2021

Today, the latest Nintendo Direct dropped some major news concerning Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And we’ve gathered all the most important announcements that you need to know about.

A big update is coming on Nov. 5

You won’t have to wait very long to experience new content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In fact, the game is getting many different new features (some paid and some free) on Nov. 5. 

The free content comes courtesy of the game’s final major content update for 2021, and it will bring new decorations and the return of some familiar faces. The paid content comes in the form of the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Happy Home Paradise DLC

The biggest news of the Nintendo Direct is that New Horizons is getting its first premium DLC expansion pack. The name is Happy Home Paradise, and the general premise behind the expansion is that players must create vacation getaway spots for residents as part of the Paradise Planning company. 

To do it right, players must interview NPCs to figure out what their preferences are and then build the home of their dreams. To make those dreams come true, new floor plans, lighting, and other interior design options will be available to players.

Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack

If you didn’t already know, Nintendo is planning to offer Nintendo Switch Online players the chance to upgrade their membership with an Expansion Pack. We now know the price of the expansion pack: $49.99 for a single player or $79.99 for a family plan.


There is already grumbling among players whether that high annual cost is worth it simply to access Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis games. To help entice players who are on the fence, Nintendo announced that you will get the Happy Home Paradise DLC for free if you purchase the Expansion Pack.

Familiar faces return

Last month’s Nintendo Direct seemed to tease the return of fan-favorite Animal Crossing character Brewster along with The Roost café. Today’s stream confirmed the return of Brewster and the café along with the return of the hairstylist Harriet and the ever-singing Kapp’n.

However, while these characters are great, fans are arguably more excited that the Nov. 5 update will also bring the beloved Froggy Chair into New Horizons.

Gyroid collecting is back

Brewster isn’t going to waste much time putting players to work. Players will once be able to catch Gyroids on Brewster’s behalf. Why catch Gyroids? In addition to serving as fun decorations, Gyroids can lighten up your home with music, and you can plant them and grow more Gyroids over time.

More to see and more to do

In addition to Gyroids and the Froggy chair, there will be plenty of new ways to decorate your home. The content update on Nov. 5 is going to give us new interior and exterior decorations, including accent walls, nine new fences, and the ability to build more inclines and bridges. Don’t worry: your storage will also be expanded.

There will also be new minigames to experience. This includes a stretching exercise that players can engage in with their Joy-Cons. If that doesn’t sound fun enough, though, you can also purchase the Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ item with your Nook Miles and you will have plenty of new dishes to cook and chow down on.

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