Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event to Coincide With Switch Launch

March 5, 2021

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that the battle royale game Apex Legends is getting another Collection Event next week to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch version.

According to a blog post about the upcoming Chaos Theory event, it will include a brand new playlist in the form of Ring Fury and the Caustic Town Takeover. Players will also get access to a fresh collection of cosmetic items to equip in-game.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event will start on March 9 and run until March 23, giving players two weeks to enjoy the bonuses and limited-time activities.

The Ring Fury playlist is a variant of the main battle royale game. The biggest difference is that smaller rings can spawn inside the battlefield, which will slowly expand and also cause the player damage equal to what they would receive by being outside the designated zone.

Meanwhile, the Caustic Town Takeover will see the Water Treatment Facility swapped to the Caustic Treatment Facility, with players acting as test subjects for Caustic. By draining toxic liquid from the facility, users can get access to special gold rewards for a limited time.

Throughout the event, players are able to collect tokens that can then be used to unlock some of the new cosmetics. Respawn is also adding a “no fill” option for matchmaking, allowing solo players to join games without a squad.

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