Arcade1Up to Produce Full-Sized Arcade Replica Cabinets

January 6, 2022

The arcade replicas from Arcade1Up have been a major hit, but these replica cabinets have always been smaller than the real thing. Now, the company has announced an upcoming “Pro Series” of full-sized arcade cabinet replicas.

This announcement came at CES 2022. The company was quick to clarify that this new line would not be replacing the old line. Rather, the Pro Series will be a new line of products they offer alongside the more familiar sizes. That existing line includes the traditional machines (that are 75% the size of the original), Junior machines (smaller models aimed at children), Electronic pinball, and the Infinite Game Table (which allows gamers to play digital board games).

Arcade1Up’s first Pro Series game is the ’90s fighting hit Killer Instinct. Those who purchase it will enjoy a full-sized cabinet, 19” monitor, and SuzoHapp buttons (which are a major upgrade over the buttons on the older cabinets).

While Killer Instinct is the biggest draw, this cabinet will also let you play Killer Instinct 2, Battletoads Arcade, and even 8- and 16-bit versions of the classic Battletoads game. But all this won’t come cheap: it looks like the Pro Series cabinets will cost $1,000 a piece. At that price point, true arcade lovers may weigh the cost and benefits of buying this cabinet versus building their own arcade cabinet powered by Raspberry Pi or MiSTER and playing thousands of other arcade games.


If you want something more affordable, Arcade1Up announced three more traditional cabinets releasing in 2022, each built around the theme of a singular company. So, there will be a Bandai-Namco cabinet (featuring Pac-Man and 13 other titles), a Midway cabinet (featuring Mortal Kombat and 13 other titles), and Atari (featuring Centipede and 13 other titles). 

Each of those has two more games than previous cabinets, and it shows that Arcade1Up is sensitive to gamers wanting to play more machines per game. In time, we may be getting more titles in the Pro Series cabinets to help justify the higher price tag.

Are you interested in these Pro Series cabinets? Let us know in the comments!

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