Bioware Releases New Artwork from the Next Mass Effect Game

November 17, 2020

Between the remastered Mass Effect Trilogy and the prospect of a new Mass Effect title, fans are more excited than ever. And we now have a sneak peek at what that new game might look like.

Just in time for the holidays, Bioware has released a coffee table book entitled BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development. While the entire book is interesting, a recent Tumblr post reveals three of the images from the book pertaining to the next Mass Effect game.

The first image gives us another look at a ship Bioware showed us in a previous tease. While we don’t know its name, the filename of the original teaser image called it a “Mud Skipper.” It is on the left in this first image.


In the second image, we see some mysterious alien architecture. While nothing is confirmed, this looks very similar to the Remnant architecture glimpsed in Mass Effect Andromeda. In that game, the architecture was one of the only things left from an advanced alien species.

The last image is quite clear and shows the familiar design of a Mass Relay that allows ships to travel faster than light. The “MR 7” label on this relay may even hint at many more relays being built.

While the images are compelling, it is unclear whether the new game will be more of an extension of the original trilogy of titles or expand on characters and storylines from Mass Effect Andromeda.

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