Black Mesa to Receive a Free ‘Definitive Edition’ Final Patch

November 25, 2020

In October, developer Crowbar Collective revealed they would soon be releasing Black Mesa: Definitive Edition. Now, they have announced that this will be a free and final update to their groundbreaking remake of the original Half-Life.

In their recent statement, they clarified that this is a perfect update for veteran fans and those who have never tried their remake out. Thanks to their improved graphics and design, they believe “now is a great time to dive in.”

And this is more than just another update. The team has promised “a complete lighting and gameplay pass” to certain chapters and a “total redesign” of certain levels.


If that wasn’t enough good news, it’s now easier for players with lower-spec PCs to enjoy this remake. According to the team, this is thanks to “significant optimizations across the whole game that will improve performance on low to mid-range PCs.”

There are still a few issues with the game involving everything from controller support to multiplayer model selection. Fortunately, the team has pledged that they will continue to support the game and address bugs and other issues after the release of the Definitive Edition.

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