Blade Runner Game Finally Gets Digital Release on GOG

December 20, 2019

If you don’t know what Blade Runner is, you have never been a sci-fi fan. This 1982 movie is one of the founders of the cyberpunk genre. Very stylish and quite deep, it was one of the first major films to discuss such topics as the difference between a man and an A.I. The film has risen to cult classic status and even got a big budget sequel in 2017. And if you ask why such a famous and powerful franchise has never had a game adaptation, I have an answer for you: it actually does.

The Blade Runner game was released in 1997 and both critics and gamers admitted it was actually cool. The game contained a lot of references to the original movie, had its own stack of interesting characters, an addictive storyline, and 16 endings. You were able to change the world and characters in many ways during playthrough. That was pretty innovative for 1997. 

But when Westwood Studios moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 2003 the source code and assets were lost. It killed the possibility of a remake and sequels. Basically this game has never been officially released on digital platforms. It was only available on CDs… till now.


Thanks to fan efforts using ScummVM, a software for launching old games on modern PC, Blade Runner is playable again. The game took an arduous eight years to reconstruct. And this week, Blade Runner officially went on sale on!

Isn’t it a good Christmas present from GOG and fans? You can get this historical legacy of the iconic franchise on sale for only $8.99. Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas everyone!

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