Burger King Teases Something Connected to PlayStation 5

October 13, 2020

Burger King is teasing something connected to PlayStation 5 on Twitter. In a new promo video, the Burger King checks a big bag. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it seems like there’s the sound of a PlayStation 5 booting, accompanied by some familiar blue light. The tweet itself says, “Do Whopper sandwiches normally do this?” At the end of the video, there’s a date — October 15.

What’s more, the official PlayStation account retweeted this video. Sony has not yet shown the console interface, so October 15 may be the date of the main menu premiere.


Why, then, a Burger King promo? There’s another possibility of what’s happening: it could be that Sneak King 2 will be announced on October 15. The original Sneak King was Burger King’s promo game released in 2006 for Xbox and Xbox 360. Players had to deliver different types of Burger King meals to hungry people.

Soon we will know exactly what is happening.

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