Call of Duty 2020 Codename? Microsoft Store Lists a Strange New Title Called The Red Door

July 16, 2020

The Microsoft Store has a page of a game called The Red Door. The publisher is Activision, the size about 82 GB, the rating 18 +, and the genre shooter. You can’t buy it yet. It should be something big, but have you heard about the announcement of The Red Door by Activision? We haven’t either.

There’s a mysterious description on The Red Door page:

There is more than one truth. If you go looking for answers, be ready to question everything and accept that nothing will ever be the same. The Red Door awaits, do you dare step through it?


Most likely, The Red Door is the code name for the new Call of Duty, which will be released in 2020. Revealingly, The Red Door also came up on the PlayStation Store database in June with a content ID that included the phrase COD2020INTALPHA1.

There is another tantalizing clue to The Red Door being a Call of Duty codename. The Black Ops 3 reveal trailer used The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” with the lyrics “I see a red door and I want it painted black.”

According to previous leaks, the next Call of Duty will be a new Black Ops game with the subtitle Cold War. So, the main question is not what the next Call of Duty will be, but when it will be announced. Usually new parts of the series are presented in May, but this year there are just plenty of reasons to abandon the usual schedule: the coronavirus pandemic, the riots in the U.S., and the launch of next-gen.

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