Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Eggs Are Now Easier to Get

March 8, 2021

Veteran franchise fans may have noticed that it’s easier to complete Easter Eggs in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It turns out that developer Treyarch made a few changes to the game because so few players were completing the Easter Eggs.

One pleasant feature of Black Ops Cold War Zombies is that the game is always very clear about what you should do next. Even if you are completely new to the series, it is very easy to discover what you need to do to unlock the next big weapon or progress the story forward.

This wasn’t always the case, though. Treyarch studio creative director Corky Lehmkuhl explained their design changes to IGN India. “[S]o much development time goes into these things, and if you look at the metrics, less than 2% of the players were actually seeing that stuff unless it was shown on YouTube,” he said. “If you look at YouTube now or Reddit, a lot of people are completing their first Easter Eggs, ever — and they’ve been with the franchise for the full 10, 12 years.”


Lehmkuhl summed up their design philosophy like this: “There are some side Easter Eggs that are still somewhat obscure and you’ll have to find, but for the main quest we just wanted more players to experience it.” 

Some casual players enjoy the added accessibility, but some hardcore veterans preferred the challenge of completing Easter Eggs in previous games. Be sure to let us know what you think of this change in the comments!

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