Cate Blanchett Will Play Lilith in Borderlands Live-Action Movie

May 29, 2020

Earlier this month, we reported that Cate Blanchett was in talks for the Borderlands film. Now it’s official: Eli Roth has confirmed that Cate Blanchett will play Lilith.

In his statement, the director reminds us that he had already worked with her on The House with a Clock in Its Walls. “From drama to comedy and now action, Cate makes every scene sing. Working with her is truly a director’s dream come true, and I feel so fortunate that I get to do it again on an even bigger scale. Everyone brings their A-game to work with Cate, and I know together we’re going to create another iconic character in her already storied career.”

There is no official information about the story of the film yet, but Roth mentioned that Lilith would be a protagonist. This fits with the rumors that the main character will go to rescue the daughter of the head of the Atlas company in exchange for release from prison. It is said that other famous characters will appear on the screen, including Claptrap, Krieg and the Vault hunters.


The script will be written by Craig Mazin who was responsible for the Chernobyl series. Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox, is the executive producer.

The release date of the film is unknown, but it is definitely not going to be soon. If for some reason you still haven’t played it yet, the Epic Games Store is giving out Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for free now until June 4. It’s your chance!

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