Cyberpunk 2077 Makes an Early Debut — on Accident

November 23, 2020

Many fans were annoyed when Cyberpunk 2077’s release date shifted to December 10, 2020. Now, however, it looks like some lucky players have managed to access the game early.

It all started with Reddit user Justgonnasendit90 posting an image of what seemed to be a retail copy of the PlayStation 4 version of the game. While it is possible to Photoshop such an image, other users began uploading videos of themselves playing the game.


Developer CD Projekt Red has done their best to shut down live links to these videos, but these rebellious players have helped us learn more about the game. For example, we now know there was no day one patch for the game when they began to play, though such a patch may be out by the actual retail release date.

The biggest takeaway, though, is that spoilers for this game now exist outside in the wild. If you’re waiting for your pre-order to arrive, we recommend you set your social media filters up to avoid any spoiler-filled discussions of the game before its official release.

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