David Cage Teases Surprises from Quantic Dream on Twitter

January 16, 2020

Look who’s finally awake after the holidays! David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream and “father” of such amazing games as Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit and Detroit: Become Human, is posting again on Twitter after more than a month of silence. And he’s teasing “a lot of surprises” for 2020.

Could some kind of new announcement be coming? There are solid chances for that. Quantic Dream and Sony have been friends for a long time and now is a good time to hint on some PS5 exclusives. There are rumors circulating the the current Experience Playstation event could end with a PlayStation Meeting and a PS5 reveal. Maybe “in 2020 more than ever: be deviant!” means a Detroit sequel? We’ll just have to stay tuned!

What is your favorite Quantic Dream game? Do you think Detroit: Become Human needs a sequel? Tell us in the comments below!

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