Dead Space Writer Deletes Tweets Hinting New Game to Be Revealed at Thursday’s PS5 Launch Event

June 10, 2020

Antony Johnston is one of the writers behind the script for the first Dead Space. He also wrote a comic book called The Coldest City (adapted into the Charlize Theron film Atomic Blonde) and worked on the English version of Binary Domain. Seems like we are going to see Johnston’s next work very soon.

On Tuesday, he revealed on Twitter he has “been working on a big videogame [sic] for almost 2 years now” and “In totally unrelated news, you should all watch the PS5 launch event on Thursday.” However, the tweet has since been mysteriously deleted.

In another deleted tweet, he wrote, “Hint: you play a character having a really bad time.”


An intriguing nuance: in March’s PS5 reveal event, when lead system architect Mark Cerny gave a speech about SSD, a frame from Dead Space flashed in his slideshow. Mark Cerny cited Dead Space as an example of excellent work with sound — and said the sound would be even better in PS5. Coincidence? Most likely!

We’ll find out the truth Thursday, June 11 when Sony’s broadcast starts. A schedule of other key summer events is waiting for you here.

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