Diablo IV Allows Character and Armor Customization

July 1, 2021

During the most recent developer update, Blizzard confirmed that Diablo IV will allow players to customize characters and armor.

Every class in the new game will have a distinctive look but players will be able to swap certain elements to make each character unique. This will include the ability to change hair and skin color, hairstyles, facial hair, tattoos, body paint, and jewelry.

This customization system will also let users alter the color of individual armor pieces, such as the helmet, chest, gloves, legs, and boots. Different armor pieces will also have varying options according to the material they are made out of.

However, players will be unable to create characters that do not fit in with the style and tone of Diablo IV, which has a notably darker theme compared to its predecessors.


“We added data to our armor that identifies specific material types and tells the dye system what color goes on what material, such as leather, fabric, metal, and other specific surfaces,” said lead character artist, Arnaud Kotelnikoff. “The result is armor that is dyable in a range of colors that still feeling grounded and realistic in the world we’re building for Diablo IV.”

The dungeon crawler was first announced in 2019, though Blizzard has likely been working on the game for several years before that. It is set to launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, although there is still no confirmed release date.

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