Discord Changes Logo, Font, and Color, and Twitter Is Not Having It

May 14, 2021

Discord is currently having a moment: it will be coming to next-gen consoles and has already expanded beyond gaming. Fittingly, Discord has made changes to its logo, font, and color, but these changes are not popular among fans.

This news comes courtesy of Twitter. There, Discord unveiled its new look:

The changes to the logo are relatively mild. The top is now solid and joined to the face, and the entire logo is now more of a square rather than an icon in a word bubble.

Part of the reason for this change is to make the logo more dynamic. For example, it will now emote and make different faces when you load up the app.


Look closely and you will also see some color changes. While Discord has long been associated with purple, the new purple shade is particularly deep.

Perhaps the most obvious change, though, is the font. The new custom font is quite different from what we had before. And gamers across Reddit, Twitter, and Discord itself have been expressing major disappointment at these assorted changes.

The good news is that all of these changes are purely cosmetic. Discord retains the same functionality that it had before. If nothing else, you can now round up your friends over voice chat and complain about the new changes as a group!

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