Doom Eternal: Hugo Martin Talks About Demons in New Video

January 27, 2020

As the Doom Eternal release date moves closer, the development team is revealing more information about the game. This time we have 20 minutes of Hugo Martin talking about the main part of the game — demons — in a new video from Noclip.

So, half of the video is about demons who were brought from the original Doom & Doom II: Hell on Earth. In his own passionate way Hugo compares the Pain Elemental to a “grumpy old man,” presents the true Arch-vile (not the one which was in the 2016 game), talks about prioritizing enemies, and more.

The second part of the video is dedicated to new monsters. You can see a lot of new stuff, but what intrigues most is Marauder — that mysterious demon in the Praetor Suit, almost same as Doom Slayer wears. Hugo says that “you are Obi-Wan and this is your Darth Maul.” The space for speculation and fan theories is exposed.


You can watch the full video below. It is so funny to see how Hugo Martin talks about demons like his own children: “I don’t know why there are rib bones in their brain — they just look cool.”

Doom Eternal comes out on March 20.

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