Dota 2 Is Losing Players: Lowest Ratings Since 2013

January 6, 2020

While The Witcher 3 is making headlines for breaking new player records, another famous franchise is losing a lot of players quite quickly. Dota 2’s average amount of concurrent Steam players for the last 30 days is 384,191, according to Steam Charts. The peak number of players stopped at 627,790. This is the lowest point for Dota 2 since the end of 2013 when its audience was growing fast.

Source: Steam Charts

The highest peak of players was in March 2016. For the last three years Valve successfully kept an average audience amount around half a million. The last big Outlanders update was released on November 26 and two new playable characters were added. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to stop downward trend in popularity.


If Valve can’t breathe new life into Dota 2, the player base may significantly narrow. It may cause some problems even for very loyal players: match picking time at higher levels will increase. It may force some players to create new accounts and play against beginners or weaker players.

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